Saint Louis University


The Pre-PA Scholars PAthway is designed to accept applications from high achieving SLU students who are completing their second semester of sophomore year at Saint Louis University and are interested in completing their Master of Medical Science (M.M.S.) through the graduate-level Physician Assistant program. The applicant’s overall and science GPA must be 3.30 or better. By the end of second semester of sophomore year, applicants must complete at least 60 college semester hours, with at least 30 semester hours completed at Saint Louis University and complete at least eight college science courses, including at least four of the core PA requirements. Competitive applicants will have acquired the recommended healthcare experience, such as direct patient care, volunteer experience or clinical hours.


The Pre-PA Scholars PAthway (PPSP) presents an opportunity for a select number of highly qualified Saint Louis University undergraduate students to be guaranteed a position in the post-baccalaureate Physician Assistant Program upon fulfillment of Pre-PA Scholars requirements and conferral of a baccalaureate degree from Saint Louis University. The program guarantees a seat in SLU’s highly competitive, graduate-level physician assistant program upon successful completion of the curriculum and graduation from SLU. Scholars must meet strict academic and curricular standards each semester and also must obtain health care experience during their undergraduate years. Upon acceptance, students enter the Pre-PA Scholars PAthway in the fall semester of their junior year at SLU.

Several departments and programs at SLU have developed Pre-PA curricula, which allow completion of degree requirements, as well as completion of the Pre-PA Scholars PAthway core course requirements.


Students interested in the Pre-PA Scholars PAthway should contact the advisor or chairperson for their program of study following notification of freshman admission to determine eligibility and create the appropriate curricular track. Contact information for these programs of study is included in the freshman admission packet. Eligible applicants will begin the competitive application process near the end of their sophomore year at Saint Louis University.


Accepted Pre-PA Scholars PAthway students must follow the prescribed curriculum provided by the degree-sponsoring department. Regardless of the degree selected, each Pre-PA Scholar must also complete the PA core course requirements at Saint Louis University, achieving a grade of "B" or better and maintaining an overall and science GPA of 3.30. Pre-PA Scholars are required to accumulate a minimum of 500 hours of patient care experience prior to matriculation into the post-graduate PA Program and must remain in good academic and professional standing in their degree program in addition to successfully completing requirements of the PPSP.

Notification of acceptance into the post-baccalaureate PA Program occurs during the final undergraduate semester at SLU. This acceptance is provisional, based upon successful completion of coursework, conferral of the baccalaureate degree and documentation of required patient contact hours.