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Saint Louis University defines a transfer student as any student who has completed coursework at another accredited college or university. Follow the steps below to apply for international transfer admission to Saint Louis University.

Students with less than 24 credit hours will need to submit an official high school transcript in addition to college transcripts. If a student is transferring from an international institution, SLU's Office of the Registrar will convert the student's coursework to the U.S. system upon admission. Course descriptions must be submitted along with college transcripts for coursework to be considered for transfer to SLU.

Most of the University's undergraduate programs require at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) in previous college-level coursework to be considered for admission. Students should contact the Office of Admission if they wish to inquire further about the admission requirements for a particular program.

Saint Louis University calculates a transfer applicant's cumulative, college-level GPA using the information presented on all required transcripts. The GPA calculated by the University (which may not correspond with the cumulative GPA that appears on an individual transcript) is used in both admission and scholarship review.

In general, all college-level grades earned at other institutions are used by the University to compute the student's cumulative GPA. The University, however, reserves the right to exclude certain courses from this calculation. Grades of ''D'' and ''F'' and grades from institutions that do not meet the University's accreditation requirements will not transfer for credit to Saint Louis University but are included in the computation of the student's cumulative GPA.

The student's computed cumulative GPA at the time of application is used in determining eligibility for both admission and scholarships.

Once the Office of Admission has received all of required information, your file is reviewed to determine eligibility for admission to the University. In reviewing your file, first and foremost, the office examines the academic performance at university (and high school, when applicable). Solid academic performance in college preparatory course work is a primary concern in determining your admission status. Applicants are notified of their admission status upon completion of this thorough review.

Follow the steps below to apply as a transfer student to Saint Louis University.

1. Complete the Online Application


Apply to Saint Louis University using the free online application. application. SLU also accepts the Common Application. Students who apply via the Common Application will be considered on the same terms and within the same timeframe as those who use SLU's online application.


Access the online application and follow the prompts to create a username and password; when answering the "I am enrolling as" question, select the appropriate International Transfer Student option. Confirmation of your registration will be sent to you via e-mail at the address provided.  If you are returning to an existing application, enter your username and password in the "Returning Users" section.


Complete each section of the application thoroughly. Click the "Save and Next" button at the bottom of each page to save your progress. Required questions are marked with an asterisk (*). You will see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation e-mail once your application has been submitted successfully.


This will ensure receipt of important updates from SLU throughout the application and enrollment process.

2. Send Your Original Transcripts and Course Descriptions
  • Photocopies that have been certified (stamped) by the issuing institution are acceptable, but if you submit a certified copy, you must present the originals when you arrive.
  • A high school transcript is also required for students with fewer than 24 college credit hours at the time of application. 
  • All official transcripts must be accompanied by translations in English
  • Although it is not required, you may send your academic records to ECE (Education Credentials Evaluators) or WES (World Education Services) for an official credit evaluation in addition to your translated transcript.
  • The transferability of previously earned college credit to Saint Louis University is determined only after an applicant has been admitted. Students must submit course descriptions in order to begin the articulation process.
  • In order to be considered eligible for transferability, previous college-level coursework must be taken at an accredited college of university. In addition, the grade received in the course must be at least a ''C'' or better. Saint Louis University reserves the right to reject the transfer of any credit for which the University has no equivalent coursework.

Transcripts must be received by the Office of Admission sealed in the original envelope provided by your institution. Transcripts submitted via e-mail or fax are NOT accepted.

3. Submit Your Standardized Test Score

If you have successfully completed a college-level English class at a U.S. college or university (NOT an ESL class), you do not need to submit a test of English proficiency.

If a student does not have the required academic scores then conditional admission may be offered. Submit official scores only, either electronic or paper. TOEFL, IELTS and PTE scores are valid for two years.

Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency. Photocopied, scanned or faxed score reports will not be accepted.

The minimum scores SLU requires for academic admission are as follows:


Paper-based TOEFL (PBT) = 550
Internet-based TOEFL (iBT) = 80
Computer-based TOEFL (CBT) = 213





Click here for more information about test scores and English proficiency.


Please note:

  • Exceptions may be made on an individual basis. Saint Louis University reserves the right to require additional testing of any incoming student's English skills.
  • Make sure that your name on your application to SLU as well as your standardized test registration form match your name EXACTLY as it appears on your passport. Discrepancies can cause significant delays in the completion of your application for admission.
  • Students who are enrolling in a college or university in the United States will need to complete the proper steps in order to transfer your SEVIS record to SLU. Click here for the Transfer-In form.

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