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Program contact: Elizabeth Embry, MPH, MBA

Degrees: Vary by chosen academic discipline

Special programs: Pre-Law Scholars Program


When considering a law career, it is important that you select a university that offers a wide range of challenging course work and resources. The university should reflect a commitment of specific institutions and values of society. Saint Louis University offers the comprehensive liberal arts curriculum and the value-oriented quality education that is required as a foundation for a successful legal career.

The Pre-Law program at Saint Louis University is designed to advise and inform students interested in law as a profession. Since law schools do not demand a specific major, preparation for law school is broadly defined. The Pre-Law advisor assists students in designing their curriculum, advises students about law school admission requirements, and provides information about legal opportunities.


Students complete the prelaw curriculum and a major in an academic discipline of their choice. Many students choose disciplines such as Political Science, English, Criminal Justice, and Sociology. While law schools specify no particular curriculum for prospective law students, they do require a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university as a condition for admission.

The candidate for law school should develop an educational program that is both liberal and well-structured. The emphasis should be on an educational background that meets the needs and interests of the individual while simultaneously preparing him or her for law studies. Legal educators agree that future law students must develop experiences and skills in the areas of language, critical and creative thinking, and human institutions and values.

Careers in the Field:

The Pre-Law Advisor assists students in designing their pre-law curriculum and advises them regarding law school admission requirements, and post-law school legal opportunities. Through contact with the Law School Admission Council, the Pre-Law Advisor maintains copies of the Law School Admission Bulletin which provides information about the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), an objective examination offered four times each year, required by virtually all Schools of Law in the United States. Pre-law students should develop an educational program that meets the student's individual needs and interests and prepares him or her for the pursuit of a legal education.

About the Faculty:

The faculty of the Pre-Law Scholars program is dedicated to aiding students in their pursuit, enriching their teaching with first-hand experience in research and the workforce.

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