May 11, 2011

Research & Development

Undergrads reap the benefits of researching with SLU's premier faculty.

by Elizabeth Harris Krasnoff

From scientists to singers, Saint Louis University undergraduates are embracing research opportunities with passion, dedication and an eye for detail. They're exploring biofuels, racial identity, financial disclosures and a host of other subjects in the health sciences, bench sciences and humanities.

"Discovery comes from plain curiosity -- you must want to embrace being confused and try to find answers. What is more fun than the rigorous efforts that lead to discovery?" said Dr. Raymond Tait, SLU's vice president for research.

Here, learn about some exciting projects from six SLU undergraduates and the professors who mentor them:

Pugachev and Chakrabarty


Minteer and Toby


Thompson and Brownlee

History, Music & African American Studies

Pasken and Hogenmiller


Hubble, Botkin and Kistner

Nuclear Medicine

Wagner and Tigges

Physical Therapy

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