Saint Louis University Goes Green

10 Ways SLU Is Saving the Planet -- and Saving Money

1. SLU's Center for Sustainability will host more than 200 people Oct. 29-30 for the 2012 Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference.

2. The University has increased its tons of recycling by 92 percent during the past four years.

3. More than 48,791 pounds (or 24 tons) of unwanted electronic items and appliances were diverted from landfills during the 2012 "SLUstainability: Electronics and Appliances Recycling Drive" to promote recycling awareness.

4. Single stream recycling receptacles are being added to the quad and campus walkways. 


5. solar-powered golf cart has been added to the campus fleet and teaches about sustainability on campus.

6. Approximately 7,200 square feet of vegetation sits atop SLU's Doisy Research Center. The roof is planted with sedum, a type of succulent with water-storing leaves that is suited to Missouri's climate.

7. To reduce the need for landscape irrigation, 2,000 square feet of SLU's campus has been turned into a cactus garden.

8. SLU's food service contractor sources from 16 local family farms including 100 percent certified seafood; cage-free eggs; hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken, turkey and pork; grass-fed beef; and rBGH-free milk.

9. Busch Student Center offset an estimated $13,000 from its utility expenses simply by switching to LED lighting in its ballrooms.

10. SLU co-founded the St. Louis Regional Higher Education Sustainability Consortium, bringing 20 area colleges and universities together.

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