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21st Birthday

Your 21st birthday is probably something you've been anticipating, maybe since your 16th.  We know that you will want to remember this birthday and still there are so many people who consume excessively on their 21st and can't recall the occasion.  Be smart, there are many ways to have fun on your 21st that do not involve getting drunk.  Trying for "21 at 21" only gets you sick or worse, makes you the joke of the night, and is behavior that's anything BUT adult.  To help keep you safe, free from embarrassing interactions the following day and able to really act your age, consider the following:  

  • If you are drinking, alternate your alcoholic drinks with water or another non-alcoholic drink.
  • Eat a hearty and healthy meal before you drink and snack often throughout the evening
  • Go out with a group of friends and at least one person whom you trust  will be sober the entire time.
  • Never leave a drink unattended or accept an open beverage from a stranger.
  • Slow not drink more than one alcoholic drink per hour.
  • Set a limit for yourself for the evening and stick to it.
  • Arrange for a safe way home before you even begin your night.
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