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Alcohol & Drug Programs and Services

The University offers many standing programs and services designed to support, inform or otherwise assist students who may be facing difficult decisions or consequences related to misuse of alcohol and/or other drugs. 


Saint Louis University Harm and Alcohol Reduction Program (S.H.A.R.P.).  S.H.A.R.P. was created to help students make better decisions regarding alcohol and other substance abuse. The programs goal is to assist the student in making responsible decisions, and prepare the student to be successful at Saint Louis University, and beyond, as a man or woman of character.  Students will learn about the negative effects of poor decision-making and how it impacts their academic success and long-term goal attainment. This interactive course will cover topics including: the physical and emotional affects of substance use, information on alcohol poisoning, virtual bar activity, expectancy challenges and much more. 

Student Health and Counseling Services  

Saint Louis University Student Health and Counseling Services are offered for all Saint Louis University full-time, part-time and graduate students.  A resource to assist with any a variety of health concerns that can connect to substance abuse/misuse issues, including relationship problems with family, friends and roommates, adjustment to college life and coping with loneliness. A counselor is on call 24-hours a day and can be reached at (314) 977-2323 for any mental health emergency.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment/Support 

Treatment for alcohol and drug dependency or misuse may include individual counseling; group counseling; intensive out-patient or in-patient programs; participation in AA, NA, Al-anon, etc.  The University supports these efforts among others, and staff within the Student Health and Counseling Office are prepared to connect community members with these resources.   There are a variety of support groups that meet regularly on or near campus as well as a partnership with Centerpointe Hospital, a treatment facility offering both in-patient and out-patient services.


The Student Health Advocates/Peer Educator (S.H.A.P.E.) program is the University's peer education program, one whose fundamental purpose is safeguarding the health of students through an informative and interactive format.  It is founded on the belief that students can challenge and influence each other's attitudes and behaviors related to overall wellness, sexual health, sexual assault and substance use. 


Greeks Advocating for the Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) is a peer education group that promotes healthy decision making regarding college issues. Certified peer mentors from Saint Louis University's fraternity and sorority community are available to assist their peers looking for advice regarding issues of health, sex, drugs, and alcohol. The group is also available to provide educational programs for chapter meetings, new member education programs, alcohol-alternative events, and a variety of other Greek community needs.

Alcohol EDU 

AlcoholEdu for College is an online, science-based program that provides information on the effects of alcohol on body and mind. The course is personalized to each student based on his or her knowledge, gender and choices regarding alcohol use and abuse.  The course includes information on alcohol-related knowledge, assessments of attitudes and behaviors around drinking and interactive exercises that test ones knowledge on alcohol education. Whether or not you choose to drink, it is likely that you know someone that does.  This course can help empower you to make informed decisions about your own use and help you better cope with the drinking behaviors of your friends and peers.


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