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Campus Standards

The Drug Free Schools and Communities Amendments of 1989 require Saint Louis University to certify that it has adopted and implemented a drug and alcohol abuse prevention program as a condition of receiving federal funds and financial assistance. As a Catholic, Jesuit Institution dedicated to the search for truth through education, and improving the temporal and spiritual well-being of all persons, Saint Louis University has had a long-standing policy of promoting a campus environment free from drug and alcohol abuse. In accordance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 and Saint Louis University's Catholic, Jesuit mission, this policy restates the University's commitment to maintaining an environment which is free of impairment and conducive to the physical, emotional, and psychological, and spiritual development of all persons.

Campus Standards

Saint Louis University is committed to providing a campus environment that is supportive of learning and building a safe and supportive community. In keeping with this, there are expectations with regard to the use of alcohol that must be upheld. The Office of Student Conduct provides students an on-line version of the Code of Conduct to assist them in understanding what the University expects with regard to behavior and what the University will provide in terms of student rights. For further information relating to University standards, please see the following resources:

University Drug and Alcohol Policy

Code of Conduct, see section 2.4.3 and 2.4.9 for policies relating to Alcohol and Drug use.

Residence Life Community Living Principles, see section 4.5 relating to Alcohol and Drug use.

Disciplinary Outcomes

Possible Outcomes for violations of University campus/community standards can include educational consequences such as required attendance at SHARP, Saint Louis University's alcohol and drug education course; a related fee of $50-$150 can be associated with attendance of SHARP; community service; parental notification; disciplinary probation and various other possible consequences. 

If a student repeatedly violates University policy with regard to alcohol or drugs they can be required to complete an alcohol/drug assessment with a counselor and may be referred for continued treatment depending on the results of the assessment.  Additional monetary fines/fees may be applied and more stringent probationary expectations are put into place.  Continued violations of alcohol/drug policy will likely result in suspension/expulsion from the University, though students should know that suspension/expulsion may be applied as an outcome regardless of how many, if any, policy violations exist prior.  For a list of possible outcomes as they relate to the University's conduct system, please review the Code of Student Conduct, specifically section 2.11

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