Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University encourages students to become involved in the work being done to encourage responsible choices with alcohol and drugs.  There are many ways to become more involved in these efforts.  Even if you are a student who is already feeling over-extended and can't be an active member of the Alcohol Vision Team or SHAPE, your responsible decisions serve as an example to your peers and our larger University community and help advance the work being done in this area. 


The Student Health Advocates/Peer Educator (S.H.A.P.E.) program is the University's peer education program, one whose fundamental purpose is safeguarding the health of students through an informative and interactive format. It is founded on the belief that students can challenge and influence each other's attitudes and behaviors related to overall wellness, sexual health, sexual assault and substance use. It involves SLU students educating their equals on sexual health/alcohol issues using presentations, skits, and the like. It is a diverse group of men and women representing the various groups and organizations on campus. It seeks to foster discussion and dialogue on difficult issues related to overall wellness, sexual health, sexual assault and substance use, and ultimately seeks a consensus, while respecting the diverse opinions and attitudes that exist.  SHAPE is always interested in speaking to interested students about this opportunity as well as any faculty/staff who may be interested in bringing them in for a class presentation.  Contact them at or visit their web site


Greeks Advocating for the Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) is a peer education group that promotes healthy decision making regarding college issues. Certified peer mentors from Saint Louis University's fraternity and sorority community are available to assist their peers looking for advice regarding issues of health, sex, drugs, and alcohol. The group is also available to provide educational programs for chapter meetings, new member education programs, alcohol-alternative events, and a variety of other Greek community needs.  If you are interested in learning more about Gamma or becoming involved in this effort, visit their web site at

Student Advocates

Student Advocates are volunteers within the Office of Student Conduct who offer assistance to students encountering difficulty because of an incident in which a potential violation of University policy has occurred.  Advocates offer support and assistance to students as they navigate the conduct process.  Student advocates are important partners to students facing challenges that may or may not be alcohol related.  If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact the Conduct Office at or visit their web site at


Any student who may be interested in building their knowledge around alcohol and drug education and programming or who would like to gain some hands-on experience that will help them prepare for careers in higher education, counseling, teaching, law and policy, etc might be interested in an internship opportunity with any of the campus partners involved in drug and alcohol education.  For a listing of available internship opportunities, visit the Career Services office or the Career Link web site at  You should also feel free to contact if you are interested in developing an internship that is not already available in this area.