Saint Louis University

Just like many others, college students have mental health needs that require assistance at times. Saint Louis University recognizes that there are mental health needs unique to college students. We believe in assisting and equipping students with the resources and information they need, whether to help with an existing issue, recognize an emerging one, or prevent problems from occurring.

Below are several helpful resources that provide useful information, resources, guides, and other tools to educate, guide, and assist college students during this important time of their lives.

Click on the logo to visit this multiple resource site, including facts and data about depression, anxiety, stress, and many other emotional problems. It also includes information unique to SLU, as well as self evaluations.

Transition Year provides information, resources, and support to both students and parents as they embark upon the transition from high school to the college years. This is a robust online resource center to help parents and students focus on emotional health before, during and after the college transition.

The Jed Foundation offers information to parents, students, campus professionals, and concerned parties about all matters relating to mental health and suicide. The Foundation also offers programming and online resources for parents, students, and colleges/universities. Click the logo to learn more.

The University of Chicago's Student Counseling Service has compiled a comprehensive collection of virtual pamphlets, ranging from life on a university campus, to addiction, to sex and relationships. Follow the link to an abridged version of the list (a link to the unabridged version is provided on the website).