Saint Louis University

Melinda George (Class of 2014)

Major: Public Health
Interests: Reading, hanging out with friends, singing
Fun Fact: I am from Georgia!
Involvements: Housing and Residence Life, Mass Choir, AED, SHAPE!



Molly Schissel (Class of 2014 & 2015)


Major: Occupational Therapy
Interests: Time outdoors, volunteering, reading, hanging out with friends and family, laughing
Fun Fact: I was a contestant on Nickelodeon's Slime Time Live in the early 2000s.
Involvements: SHAPE (of course!), Alpha Phi Omega, SLUSOTA, Housing and Residence Life
Resident Advisor, and SLU Step.



Shivani Singh (Class of 2014)


Major: Health Informatics; Pre-Med
Interests: All board games, current events, badminton, and drinking exorbitant amounts of tea and coffee.
Fun Fact: I once had dinner with Tibetan monks.
Involvements: SHAPE!, Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), Student Government Association.


Shelly Gulhar (Class of 2014)


Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Healthcare Ethics
Fun Fact:
Involvements: Alpha Epsilon Delta, UrbanFUTURE, Research at the Cognitive Affective Psychophysiology Lab.


Priya Shah (Class of 2016)


Major: Biology and Neuroscience
Interests: Cooking/baking, playing basketball, working out, volunteering, art, reading, and dancing.
Fun Fact: I've fractured 3 bones in the past 5 years.
Involvements: SHAPE!, AED, Tri-Beta, Chem Club, ISA, HSC, iLead, Girls on the Run.



Stephanie Kerkvliet (Class of 2013)


Major: Public Health
Interests: Biking, scuba diving, Minnesota Twins baseball, ice cream
Fun Fact: When I was little, my dad and I built a two-level fort out of scrap wood in our basement. It's still there today!
Involvements: SHAPE, SLUCORE, Honors Student Association (HSA), LINK Honors Mentor, AED, research assistant at the School of Public Health.


Allegra Merriweather (Class of 2014)


Major: Philosophy, English, Pre-Med
Interests: Poetry, reading, musical theatre, music, medicine, ethics
Fun Fact: I have been playing basketball since I was 2 years old!
Involvements: Music Honor Society, Smoke Free SLU, Student Alumni Ambassadors, Active Minds, Billikens After Dark.


Jennifer Mathews


Major: Biomedical Engineering, Pre-Med; Minor: Healthcare Ethics
Fun Fact: One of my legs is shorter than the other.
Involvements: SHAPE :), Lions Club, AED, Intramural Soccer, Mass Choir, and Chrisitan Life Communities.