Saint Louis University

The Student Health Advocates/Peer Educator (S.H.A.P.E.) program is one of the preventative arms of the University Counseling Center at Saint Louis University.

It is founded on the belief that students can challenge and influence each other's attitudes and behaviors related to overall wellness, sexual health, sexual assault and substance use. As a peer education program, its fundamental purpose is safeguarding the health of students through an informative and interactive format.

What is S.H.A.P.E.?
It involves SLU students educating their equals on sexual health/alcohol issues using presentations, skits, and the like. It is a diverse group of men and women representing the various groups and organizations on campus. It seeks to foster discussion and dialogue on difficult issues related to overall wellness, sexual health, sexual assault and substance use, and ultimately seeks a consensus, while respecting the diverse opinions and attitudes that exist.

Five Main Themes
1. Providing statistics about sexual assault, substance abuse/dependence, and the risk factors for both.
2. Dispelling myths about human sexuality and discussing controversial issues.
3. Examining attitudes and stereotypes regarding male and female roles.
4. Educating and encouraging clarification of values in patterns of sexual health and substance use.
5. Educating and encouraging knowledge of the dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Leadership for 2014-2015

Advisor: TBA
Chapter Presidents: TBA

To contact S.H.A.P.E or to learn about becoming a peer educator, please email us.