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Saint Louis University Harm and Alcohol Reduction Program

The SHARP program was created to aid students in making more informed, better decisions regarding alcohol and other substance use. The SHARP program aims to assist students in making responsible decisions, prepare them to be a successful student at Saint Louis University and beyond, and to build strong character and integrity as a man, woman, and member of the global community.

The Program:

Most students come to the program by mandate of the The Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards  after they are involved in an incident involving alcohol or drugs. As a part of the conduct process, the student is required to complete an alcohol and/or drug assessment with the Univeristy Counseling Center.

The designated counselor will conduct a thorough assessment and recommend an appropriate course of treatment for the student. There are several possible courses of action:

  • SHARP IIAlcohol & Marijuana Advanced Course
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • In addition to the assessment, the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards (OSRCS) may require the student to complete additional steps.

How do I register for a SHARP I class?

  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with all the information, requirements, and costs of the class
  • A staff member (e.g. OSRCS, Residence Life) will complete the registration, after which you will be contacted with additional information

  • Please note: If a counselor assigns you to SHARP II, you do not need to fill out the online registration form.

What are the policies on alcohol and drugs on campus?

If you have questions about the Alcohol and Drug Policies on campus please see the link below to The Office of Student Conduct - Campus Alcohol and Other Drug Policies

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