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What you should know about sexual assault

Need to knowSexual assault is more common than many believe. National figures suggest that approximately 1 out of 6 women and 1 in 33 men have been the victim of an attempted or completed sexual assault in their lifetime.

Sexual assault can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. Many times people feel unsure if what happened was sexual assault. Often alcohol or drugs may have been used prior to experiencing a sexual assault. This can result in confusion, memory loss, shame and self-blame.

The Saint Louis University Sexual Assault Policy defines sexual assault as engaging in any form of sexual contact or conduct with another without that person's clear, knowing and voluntary consent. It is the responsibility of the person initiating or seeking sexual contact to affirmatively obtain such consent.

Sexual Assault Includes:

  • Intentional touching, either of the victim or when the victim is forced to touch, directly or through clothing, another person's genitals, breasts, thighs or buttocks.
  • Rape (sexual intercourse without consent whether by an acquaintance or a stranger)
  • Attempted rape
  • Sodomy (oral or anal intercourse) without consent
  • Sexual penetration with an object without consent



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