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Women's and Gender Studies
 is a social justice-focused field of study that is now part of the curriculum of most universities. The body of knowledge which presently composes Women's and Gender Studies draws from the social sciences, sciences, and humanities and is often shaped by professional schools including law, medicine, and nursing. 


Studying women and gender often begins with learning about women's experiences and analyzing the way gender structures a society. At its core, Women's and Gender Studies recognizes the importance of diversity and the consequences of differential power and opportunity.

Women's and Gender Studies represents both a content area (women and gender) and an approach, which includes feminist pedagogy, feminist methodologies, and feminist strategies of interpretation. Saint Louis University has a growing Women's and Gender Studies Department, open to people of all genders, with courses focusing on women and gender across the curriculum of Arts & Sciences and professional schools such as nursing, law, and social work.

Why study about Women & Gender?