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(last updated- December 2015)

As you may know, a few years ago Saint Louis University faculty who are committed to Women's and Gender Studies launched an effort to create a Women's and Gender Studies Giving Circle to endow a fund for the department. The purpose of the Giving Circle was to pool our collective resources and to honor, in a meaningful and timeless way, the immeasurable benefits we have all gained from the intellectually stimulating, wide-ranging, and inspiring academic and community programming coordinated by Women's and Gender Studies. On the program's 30th anniversary, we wanted to give back. Women's and Gender Studies had no graduate student travel award, no undergraduate scholarship, no ability to subsidize internships or service learning projects. So, our needs seemed great, but not, we reasoned, greater than our potential to meet them if we all worked together. Founding members of the Giving Circle were asked to contribute a minimum of $500 each year for five years. We needed to raise $25,000 to meet the minimum required by the university to create an endowment.

It is with great pride that we announce that we have met that initial goal! Some of the people we talked to along the way were deeply committed to Women's and Gender Studies and wanted to be part of the Giving Circle but, for a variety of reasons, felt they could not make that level of commitment. Having met our initial goal, we would like to build the endowment fund and include as many colleagues and alumni as possible. If you would like to contribute to the Women's and Gender Studies Endowment, at any level and for any period of time, we ask you to join us now. The larger our endowment, the greater good we can do for Women's and Gender Studies.

In the spirit of the department itself, we hope all Women's and Gender Studies faculty, alumni, and friends will consider contributing to this worthy and long-overdue fund. Your contribution is tax deductible and confidential and 100% goes to Women's and Gender Studies. The language and parameters of the endowment are as follows:

Women's and Gender Studies Giving Circle Endowed Fund
The Women's and Gender Studies department requires the set up of an endowed account, for the academic enrichment of Women's and Gender Studies students. The fund name will be the "Women's and Gender Studies Giving Circle Endowed Fund." The allocation of this fund will be decided annually by the director of Women's and Gender Studies and the Women's and Gender Studies Advisory Board. The allocation may include student scholarships, student thesis prizes, student travel to conferences, student book fees, student capstone projects, student research support, internship stipends, guest scholars, service learning projects, and graduate awards.

Gifts can be made through payroll deduction by completing this form.

Or, gifts can be made by going to and allocating the gift to "The Women's and Gender Studies Giving Circle Endowed Fund."

Or, gifts can be mailed to:

Saint Louis University
One North Grand, DuBourg Hall, Office 319
St. Louis, MO 63103

If you are contributing on-line or with a check, a notation must be made specifying the account name. A note should also be included regarding the pledge amount and length of the pledge as many of the donors are pledging for 5 years. If you have questions, please contact Barb Valentine, Senior Director of Development in the College of Arts and Sciences, at 314-977-2207 or

Thank you for considering giving to the Women's and Gender Studies Giving Circle. Together we can do great things!