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Actio: The Equality Squad

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Join SLU's Women's and Gender Studies student group for:

        ~Social Justice activism on campus and beyond

        ~Feminist discussions

        ~A supportive community 

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Madrid Women's Studies

Check out the Women's Studies program in the Madrid Campus:

Women's Commission:

Established in 1973 as The President's Advisory Commission on the Status of Women, its initial primary focus was affirmative action and equal opportunity. To meet the changing needs of University women, the Commission was restructured twice before its present bylaws were adopted in 1986.

An Executive Board, widely representative of the women at the University, sponsors programs, provides a forum for women's concerns, and serves as a vehicle for communication about issues and opportunities for women in higher education.

The Women's Commission has sponsored special workshops and seminars and, since 1978, has recognized the contributions of women to the University by honoring the "Woman of the Year" at an annual luncheon. Programs are open to all members of the University community.

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Una is a charted student organization on Saint Louis University's campus that advocates for the equal treatment of all people, noting that the root of almost all forms of oppression can in some way be traced back to patriarchy. Read more about our mission. Una meets every Monday at 5:30pm in the Una/Rainbow Office, BSC 127 (right next to the mail room).

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Rainbow Alliance:

Rainbow Alliance is a Chartered Student Organization at Saint Louis University committed to supporting and advocating for the members and allies of the Queer Community* at Saint Louis University and beyond.

*Queer community - a way of describing our community in a way that is inclusive to all identities falling under the umbrella of sexual orientation and/or gender identity. While the word "queer" has been and can be used derogatorily, we reclaim it as an expression of love and inclusivity to describe our community. We continue to engage in dialogue within our community on how best to describe ourselves.

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