About Us
Research Statement

The goal of our research is to understand how people learn about and understand their world. We are particularly interested in better understanding and treating learning and communication disorders such as deafness / hearing impairments, autism, and dyslexia. Ultimately, we aim to identify basic cognitive and neural functions in adults and children that are at the heart of these disorders, and then develop novel training techniques that target the disturbed functions. As we carry out our research, we will create an environment that focuses on collegiality, teamwork, and scientific excellence.

Much of our research focuses on studying implicit learning in adults and children. Implicit learning refers to general abilities that all people possess for learning about patterns of information in the environment. This kind of learning is described as implicit because it is thought to occur with very little attention or conscious effort. We are particularly interested in understanding the role implicit learning plays in language acquisition and processing, for both typical and atypical situations.

Last modified on February 3, 2011