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Lab Director
Chris Conway, Ph.D. Chris Conway, Ph.D. (CV)

Ph.D., Psychology, Cornell University, 2005

Dr. Conway is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Saint Louis University. He began his professional life as a biomedical and electrical engineer, but soon became interested in understanding how the brain and mind works, leading him to graduate school in psychology with a focus in cognitive neuroscience. Broadly speaking, he is interested in how our brains and cognitive systems change over time in order to support important functions such as learning and remembering information, acquiring language, and developing new skills. He has become increasingly interested in understanding these processes of learning and plasticity in both typically and atypically developing children, including those with disorders of learning or language.

Dr. Conway's research has been published in a number of first-rate peer-reviewed scientific journals and has also been reported in several popular press magazines such as Scientific American - Mind. His research currently is supported by grants from the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Lab Members
J.D. Purdy, Ed.D. (CV)

Ed.D., Applied Linguistics, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2010

J.D.'s research includes the use of EEG/ERP methodology to study second-language sentence processing and the acquisition of second-language morphosyntax. His current work investigates implicit learning of complex sequential patterns by deaf children who have been fitted with cochlear implants. J.D.'s dissertation research, Unaccusatives and Neurocognitive Indices of Second-Language Acquisition: An ERP Study, was completed at the Neurocognition of Language Lab, Teachers College, Columbia University.

J.D. Purdy, Ed.D.
LaSheena Barnes LaSheena Barnes

B.A., Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, 2010

LaSheena received a B.A. from Penn State in 2010. She also holds a minor in Civic and Community Engagement and a certificate in Crime, Psychology, and Public Policy. She is currently a first year Ph.D. student in the Clinical program. In Dr. Conway's lab, she is working on bilingualism research related to executive functioning and implicit/pattern learning using ERPs. Outside of the BLC lab, her interests are related to healthy adolescent psychological development.

Michelle Hendricks

M.A., Psychology, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 2006

Michelle received her B.A. & M.A. in psychology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and is now a 2nd year doctoral student in Experimental Psychology at SLU. She is interested in the neural basis of learning systems and their relationship to emotion. Currently, she is involved in two projects in the BLC lab: one investigating the electrophysiology of implicit learning, and another researching the role of working memory in the learning of artificial grammars. She is also involved in a study investigating the relationship between stress hormones and tip of the tongue states in Dr. Tony Buchanan's Cognitive Neuroscience of Stress lab.

Michelle Hendricks
Gretchen Smith Gretchen Smith

Gretchen received her B.A. in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and her M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She is currently pursuing her M.S.-R/Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at Saint Louis University. Her focus is Cognitive Neuroscience. She is interested in studying how individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) learn and process information, and how their cognitive functioning relates to their communicative behavior. She is beginning a new study on implicit learning in autism. Her other research interests include bilingualism, language acquisition, and healthy aging.

Anne Walk

M.A., Clinical Psychology, Eastern Illinois University, 2009

Anne completed her M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Eastern Illinois University in 2009. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Experimental Psychology at Saint Louis University where is she is studying cognitive neuroscience. She is currently working on the multisensory learning and the deaf cognition research projects. She is currently undergoing the process of beginning a new study which will explore tactile implicit learning. Her other research interests include visual and haptic sensory integration, visual capture, body image, and sensory integration in individuals with visual impairments.

Anne Walk
Undergraduate Research Assistants
Caroline Hoyniak Caroline Hoyniak

Caroline is a Senior Psychology major with minor concentrations in Mathematics and English. She works in the lab as a research assistant, aiding in the multi-sensory project.

Pooja Parupalli

Pooja is a Senior Neuroscience major with a minor concentration in Philosophy. She is working with Anne and gaining a better understanding on Implicit learning.

Pooja Parupalli
Catrina Salama Catrina Salama

Catrina is an undergraduate student at Webster University who plans to attend graduate school for clinical or cognitive psychology. She is currently a research assistant in the BLC Lab, and her research interests are bilingualism, implicit learning, and ERP.

Ryan Town

Ryan is Senior Neuroscience major, pursuing a minor in Philosophy and a certificate in Medical Humanities. He is currently a research assistant in the BLC lab. After graduation, he plans to attend Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

Ryan Town

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