Kara McBride

Kara McBride
Associate Professor of Spanish
Department of Modern & Classical Languages
Saint Louis University
303 Ritter Hall
(319) 977-3673

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Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT)University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, May 2007.
Dissertation: The Effect of Rate of Speech and CALL Design Features on EFL Listening Comprehension and Use of Strategies (click for pdf file). Committee: Jun Liu, Mary E. Wildner-Bassett, Janet Nicol, and Ken Forster. Example of maze task used in study.

M.A., Applied Linguistics, emphasis in Teaching English as a Second LanguageIndiana University, Bloomington, IN. Dec. 1998.

M.A., Spanish, emphasis in Latin American Studies. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. Dec. 1996. 

B.S., Philosophy. University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. Graduated summa cum laude. Dec. 1992.



Refereed Journal Articles

McBride, K. (2012). Vídeos mashup para enseñar pronunciación y cultura. Hispania, 95(2), 316-332. (Click here for English translation, "Mashup videos for teaching pronunciation and culture.")

McBride, K. (2011). The effect of rate of speech and distributed practice on the development of listening comprehension. Computer Assisted Language Learning, 24(2), 131-154.

McBride, K. (2009). La percepción de estudiantes de métodos de enseñanza de inglés como lengua extranjera, Universum, 24(2), 94-112. (Click here for English translation, "Student Perceptions of Techniques to Teach English as a Foreign Language.")

McBride, K. (2008). Adaptive and maladaptive strategy use in computer-assisted language learning activities for listening comprehension. Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 34(1-2), 57-79.

Ene, E., Görtler, S., & K. McBride (2005). Teacher participation styles in FL chats and their effect on student behavior. CALICO, 23(3), 603-634.

Cripps, J., McBride, K, & K. Forster (2005). Lexical processing in deaf and hearing. SLAT Working Papers, 12, 31-43.

Egan, V., Figueredo, A. J., Wolf, P., McBride, K., Sefcek, J., Vasquez, G., & Charles, K. (2005). Sensational interests, mating effort, and personality: Evidence for cross-cultural validity. Journal of Individual Differences, 26(1), 11-19.


Book Chapters and Selected Proceedings

McBride, K. (2010). Reciprocity in service learning: Intercultural competence through SLA studies. Selected proceedings from the International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence, 235-261. 

McBride, K. (2009). Podcasts and second language learning: Promoting listening comprehension and intercultural competence. In L. B. Abraham & L. Williams (Eds.), Electronic discourse in language learning and language teaching (pp. 153-167). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

McBride, K. (2009). Social-networking sites in foreign language classes: Opportunities for re-creation. In L. Lomicka & G. Lord (Eds.), The next generation: Social networking and online collaboration in foreign language learning (pp. 35-58). San Marcos, TX: Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO).

McBride, K., & Fägersten, K. B. (2008). Student's role in distance learning. In S. Goertler & P. Winke (Eds.), Opening doors through distance language education: Principles, perspectives, and practices (pp. 43-66). San Marcos, TX: Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO).

McBride, K. (2008). English web page use in an EFL setting: A contrastive rhetoric view of the development of information literacy. In U. Connor, E. Nagelhout & W. Rozycki (Eds.), Contrastive rhetoric (pp. 219–240). Philadelphia: Benjamins.

McBride, K., & Wildner-Bassett, M. (2008). Interpersonal and intercultural understanding in a blended second culture classroom. In S. S. Magnan (Ed.), Mediating discourse online (pp. 93-123). Philadelphia: Benjamins.


Other Publications

McBride, K. (2006). Review of “Wittgenstein and the possibility of discourse” (Rhees, R.). Linguist List, 17(2393), http://www.linguistlist.org/issues/17/17-2393.html.

McBride, K. (2006). Review of “CALL research perspectives” (Egbert, J.L. and Petrie, G.M., eds.). Linguist List, 17(1037), http://linguistlist.org/issues/17/17-1037.html.

McBride, K. (2005). Review of “The language of websites” (Boardman, M.). Linguist List, 16(1221), http://www.ling.ed.ac.uk/linguist/issues/16/16-1221.html.

Translation editor for Capoeira: Roots of the dance-fight-game, published by North Atlantic Books, 2002, translation of Capoeira, os fundamentos da malícia, by Nestor Capoeira.

McBride, K. (1998). No caso a outra: A look at the role of the male narrator in Clarice Lispector’s A hora da estrela. In J. Beer, P. Hart & A. J. Tamburri (Eds.), Romance languages annual 1997 (pp. 608-611). West Lafayette, IN: Purdue Research Foundation.

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McBride, K. & Gu, J., “New Language, New Way of Thinking: Enhancing Motivation and Retention,” American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), Orlando, FL, October 2013.

“Sex, status, nativeness and accents: Implications for testing and instruction,” invited plenary talk at the National University Association of English Teachers (ANUPI) of Mexico conference, Huatulco, Mexico, October, 2013.

McBride, K. & López, M. “Cuando el libro de texto que te dan no refleja de filosofía de enseñanza” (When the textbook that they give you doesn’t reflect your teaching philosophy).” Workshop at the University of Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico, October 2013.

“Multiple paths to multilingualism: How the field of second language acquisition is plagued and blessed by diversity,” invited plenary talk to celebrate 50th anniversary of the ESL program at Saint Louis University, October, 2013.

Invited panelist for Saint Louis University's Center for Intercultural Studies forum on "Is intercultural dialogue possible?" September 27, 2013.

“New language, new way of thinking? How believing so can enhance second language acquisition / ¿Nuevo idioma, nueva forma de pensar? Estrategias y motivación en la adquisición de segundas lenguas,” invited talk at Centre d’Ensenyament Superior Alberta Giménez, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, June 13, 2013.

“Do L2 learners’ beliefs about linguistic relativity affect their L2 development?” poster presented at the American Association of Applied Linguistics conference in Dallas, March 19, 2013.

“Do the folk believe that they can speak their way into interculturality?” Perspectives on Interculturality, Center for Intercultural Studies at Saint Louis University, March 2013.

“Women love a man with a foreign accent: The factors of sex and nativeness in the perception of L2 pronunciation,” American Association of Applied Linguistics, Boston, March 2012.

“Accuracy is in the ear of the listener,” ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), Denver, November 2011.

“Del otro lado de las fronteras: ¿Cómo se perciben los acentos del español como lengua extranjera?” ("From across Borders: How Are Spanish as a Foreign Language Accents Perceived?”) invited plenary for Segundas Jornadas Internacionales de Fonética y Fonología (Second International Conference on Phonetics and Phonology),National University of Córdoba in Córdoba, Argentina, September 2011.

How nonnative Spanish accents are perceived: Implications for instruction,”AATSP, Washington, D.C., July 2011.

"Intercultural competence and foreign language education,” for the Regional Collaboration in Languages and Culture Forum on Intercultural Competence, SLU, March 2011.

McBride, K. & Horn, E. "The way Spanish is really spoken: Oral language workshop mashups," electronic poster at ACTFL, Boston, November 2010. 

"Oral language workshops: Pronunciation, listening comprehension, and culture through authentic materials," at CALICO in Amherst, MA, June, 2010.

“Creation and re-creation with social networking sites” at the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) in AtlantaGA, March, 2010.

“Reciprocity in service learning: Intercultural competence through SLA studies” at CERCLL's Second International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence in Tucson, AZ, Jan., 2010.

Mobile learning: When the voice inside your head speaks English,” plenary for the conference celebrating the 14th anniversary of the BA program in teaching English as a second language at the Universidad de Sonora in Hermosillo, Mexico, November 2009.

“Comprehension, production and culture: Harvesting materials for oral language development,” workshop, Universidad de Sonora in Hermosillo, Mexico, November 2009.

"Social networking sites, foreign language education and self-authorship," online presentation for LARC’s (Language Acquisition Resource Center at San Diego State University) Social Media Workshop, August, 2009.

“Taking the computer lab out of the computer lab” at AATSP, Albuquerque, July, 2009.

McBride, K. & Tallant, R. “Promoting critical awareness of language and history through file sharing” at Missouri Modern Languages and Modern Technologies Conference, Columbia, MO, June, 2009.

“Grammar workshops within a communicative framework,” ACTFL, Orlando, FL, November 2008.

“Interactivity: Lessening the teacher's burden and heightening student interest,” workshop for language teachers at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in Quito, Ecuador, June 2008.

“Testing: Revisiting the why and the how,” workshop for language teachers at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in Quito, Ecuador, June 2008.

“The role of grammar instruction in communicative language teaching,” workshop for language teachers at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in Quito, Ecuador, May 2008.

Asdjodi, M., McBride, K. & C. Ernst. “A comprehensive overview of TESOL's Resource Center” at TESOL, New York, April, 2008.

“Writing the self while learning about others,” Modern and Classical Languages Department at St. Louis University Spring Colloquium, April, 2008.

“Self-authoring projects: Structure, implementation and evaluation” at CALICO, San Francisco, March, 2008.

“Foreign language listening comprehension online: Issues of testing method, training effects and motivation” poster at AAAL, Costa Mesa, CA, April, 2007.

“TIRF research on effectiveness of grammar instruction” panel at TESOL, Seattle, March 2007.

“Lesson planning,” a three-hour teacher training workshop for Literacy Volunteers of Tucson, February 2007.

“The maze task as learning activity and testing method” at CALICO, Honolulu, May 2006.

“Can beginners handle fast talk?” at TESOL, Tampa, FL, March 2006.

“Speed, automaticity and control: L2 processing of spoken language,” at SLAT Roundtable, UA, Tucson, AZ, Feb. 2006.

McBride, K. & Goulart, S. “Nobody does it better–than you!” at Chile TESOL, Concepción, Chile, Oct. 2005.

“CALL: Incorporating technology into the EFL curriculum” at the 2nd Annual EFL Symposium, Rancagua, Chile, Sept. 2005.

“Quantifying complexity in the CMC environment” at the 14th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, AILA, Madison, WI, July 2005.

Wildner-Bassett, M.E. & McBride, K. “CMC, complexity and critical social-constructivist pedagogy: A site and a project,” at Digital Stream Conference, Monterey, CA March 2005.

“Documenting complexity: Collecting and reporting data in CMC contexts,” at SLAT Roundtable, UA, Tucson, AZ, Feb. 2005.

Wildner-Bassett, M.E. & McBride, K. Spring 2005 SLAT Colloquium inaugural speech “CMC, complexity and critical social-constructivist pedagogy: Challenges and adventures for SLAT.”

“Technology is not the event but the occasion” at IN-TESOL, Carmel, IN, Nov. 2004.

“i+1=You and me: Communicating with our students” at IN-TESOL, Carmel, IN, Nov. 2004.

Enes, E., Görtler, S., McBride, K. & Z. Otus: “They think it's fun and you have control!” at AZ Language Fair, Tucson, AZ, Sept. 2004.

“Sifting through words and other pretty pictures on web pages” at ICIC Conference on Written Discourse and Contrastive Rhetoric, Indianapolis, IN, July 2004.

Görtler, S., McBride, K. & H. Thomas. “A chat is not a chat, so what's a good chat?” with at CALICO, Pittsburgh, July 2004.

Wildner-Bassett, M.E. & McBride, K. “Lessons, tricks, pitfalls and mantras: How to optimize data collection and analysis in CALL environments” at CALICO, Pittsburgh, July 2004.

Ene, E., Görtler, S. & K. McBride. “The role of the teacher in foreign language classroom CMC: Less is more” at CALICO, Pittsburgh, July 2004.

Bryant, M., Görtler, S., McBride, K. & H. Thomas. “CALLing success: Creating an integrated instructional environment” at CALICO, Pittsburgh, July 2004.

“Navigating the culture of the internet” at TESOL, Long Beach, CA, March 2004.

Ene, E., Görtler, S. & K. McBride. “Teachers matter: Teacher effects in German as a FL chat,” poster at SLAT Roundtable, UA, Feb. 2004.

“Information literacy education in Chile,” for Latin American Studies brownbag series, UA, Nov. 2003.

“Spanish speakers using English web sites: Insitu, in other contexts,” at Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) at UA, Oct. 2003.

“'Abstract computing' versus 'computing abstract': Teaching compound structures to speakers of other languages improves both information literacy and reading” at  7th Annual English Conference at the Peaks, Flagstaff, AZ, April 2003.

“Compound words compound problems for ESP readers” at AZ-TESOL, Tucson, AZ, Feb. 2003.

“CALL in South America: One perspective” at TESOL, Salt Lake City, March 2002.

“Culturally informed improvements for the foreign visiting English teacher” at the Southern Cone IATEFL conference in Curitiba, Brazil, July 2001. 

“No caso a outra: A look at the role of the male narrator in Clarice Lispector’s A hora da estrela” at Purdue U’s Annual Conference on Romance Languages, Literatures, and Film, Sept. 1997. 


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Associate Professor
Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO, Fall 2013-

Assistant Professor
Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO, Fall 2007-Spring 2013

  • Taught: Undergraduate
    • SPAN 110 Communicating in Spanish I
    • SPAN 115 Communicating in Spanish II
    • SPAN 210 Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture
    • SPAN 310 Written Communication
    • SPAN 315 Oral Communication
    • SPAN 422/598, EDI 422 Second Language Acquisition
    • SPAN 423 Spanish Phonetics & Phonology
    • SPAN 493 Spanish Sociolinguistics
    • SPAN 493 Language and Thought
  • Taught: Graduate
    • SPAN 500/Fr 500 Teaching College Spanish/French/German
    • SPAN 504 Methods and Technology for the Teaching of Spanish
    • SPAN 505 Spanish Phonology and its Place in the Spanish Classroom
    • SPAN 508 Spanish Learning Texts: Tradition, Authenticity, and Virtuality
    • SPAN 593 Second Language Acquisition
  • Coordinated
    • SPAN 110 Communicating in Spanish I (Fall 2007-Spring 2010)
    • SPAN 115 Communicating in Spanish II (Spring 2008)
    • MA Program (Summer 2010-Spring 2013)

Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, Fall 2003-Spring 2005

  • Taught
    • SPAN 102
    • SPAN 201
    • SPAN 202
  • Co-Taught
    • ENGL 613 Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Spring 2007). Co-teacher with Dr. Jun Liu.
    • INDV 101 Structure of Mind & Behavior (Fall 2006). Teaching assistant to Dr. Julie Feldman
    • SLAT 596y Psycholinguistics section of the SLAT Proseminar. Co-teacher under Dr. Linda Waugh in Fall 2004 and under Dr. Robert Ariew in Fall 2006. Planned and taught, with one or two fellow graduate students, the three-week section.
    • ENGL 596o Academic Writing in ESL (Spring 2006). Teaching assistant to Dr. Jun Liu.

    Research Assistant
    University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, Fall 2003-Spring 2007

    • Fall 2006-Spring 2007, summer 2003, research assistant for Dr. Jun Liu.
    • Summer and Fall 2006 research assistant for Dr. Mary E. Wildner-Bassett.
    • Fall 2003-Spring 2005 research assistant for COHLab Database Initiative, under Dr. Mary E. Wildner-Bassett, investigating collaborative learning and the use of technology in College of Humanities computer labs.
    • Oct.-Dec. 2005 research assistant for UCSD doctoral candidate Sarah Callahan, under Dr. David Swinney. Collected data from 100 monolingual Spanish speakers in Chile.
    • Summer and Fall 2004 research assistant for Dr. Ken Forster and Dr. Janet Nicol. Wrote Spanish materials for psycholinguistic experiment with Spanish students; coordinated between investigators, students, computer lab administrators, the basic language coordinator, and course instructors.
    • Summer2003 collected survey data from more than 300 people in Chile for Dr. A.J. Figueredo.

    Teacher Trainer
    Center for English as a Second Language (CESL), Tucson, AZ, Spring 2006. Trained visiting teachers from Korea.

    Testing Monitor for Foreign and Heritage Language Placement Exams
    University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, Summer 2004

    ESL Teacher, Supervisor and Teacher Trainer
    Intensive English classes for Tsuda College students (Japan) at IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN, Summers 1998, 2003, 2004, 2005

    Software Consultant
    Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN, Summer 2002. Project to Kabul University in Afghanistan. Chose what software to purchase within budget.

    Spanish and Portuguese Instructor
    Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, Spring 2002

    English Instructor
    Universidad de Talca, Talca, Chile, March 1999-Dec. 2001.

    Spanish and Portuguese Instructor
    Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, Spring 1997

    Graduate Teaching Assistant
    Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, Fall 1994-Fall 1996

    English Instructor
    Instituto Audio Visual Oral de Inglés Sam Marsalli in Santiago, Chile, March-
    Aug. 1993


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    SCHOLARSHIPS, GRANTS & AWARDS: $1,000 or more

    Spring 2013 Finalist for the Excellence in Graduate Mentoring award at SLU

    Fall 2012 Awarded James H. Korn Award for Scholarship on Teaching and Learning, Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, SLU

    Spring 2012 Awarded Summer Research Award ($7558) for “An Exploration of Folk Linguistic Theories Held by Second Language Teachers and Learners”

    Spring 2012 Awarded Mellon Grant ($1260) to attend American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages workshop on the Oral Proficiency Interview

    Spring 2012 Finalist for the Excellence in Graduate Mentoring award at SLU

    Spring 2012 Named Top Reviewer of the journal Computer Assisted Language Learning 2011 (Among top 20 of over 200 reviewers)

    Spring 2010 Awarded Summer Research Award ($4715) for “Measuring the Effectiveness of Pronunciation Training and Perceptions of Foreign Accent”

    Spring 2010 Awarded Mellon Grant ($3750) for “Measuring the Effectiveness of Pronunciation Training and Perceptions of Foreign Accent”

    2005 Russell N. Campbell Doctoral Dissertation Grant from TESOL International Research Foundation (TIRF) ($5,000)

    2005 Named CALICO (Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium) Outstanding Graduate Student

    Fall 2005 Tinker Grant to travel to Chile for collecting data for dissertation

    Summer 2003 Tinker Grant to study the interface between information literacy and English in speakers of other languages in Chile

    2002-2003 Full-ride fellowship from the University of Arizona and the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Program

    Fall 1995 Research grant from Purdue University to study educational reform in post-dictatorship grade schools in rural Chile

    1988-1989 National Merit Scholarship, University of Chicago


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    Spanish Division

    Spanish Graduate Program Coordinator (Summer 2010-Summer 2013)

    Co-coordinator of Spanish Graduate Program, Summer 2010 – Fall 2010

    Member, hiring committee for adjunct professors in Spanish, Summer 2011, Spring 2012

    Created online, password-protected Spanish Division archives, Spring 2010

    Secretary for Spanish Division meetings, 2009 – 2010

    Chair of the articulation committee for the basic Spanish courses (110-210), Fall 2008 – Spring 2010

    Coordinated first-semester Spanish course (SPAN 110), Fall 2007 – Spring 2010

    Coordinated second-semester Spanish course (SPAN 115), Spring 2008

    Member, hiring committee for non-tenure track, full-time position in Spanish, Spring 2008

    Faculty mentor for 5 to 12 undergraduate students per semester, Fall 2007 – present

    Faculty mentor for around 5 graduate students per semester, Spring, 2011 – present

    Department of Modern and Classical Languages

    Conduct the In-Service Seminars (SPAN 500 and FREN 500) for all (approx. 16) foreign language teaching assistants in the Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Fall 2007 – Spring 2013. There are five of these professional development seminars a year.

    Participated in freshman orientation (SLU 101) events, advising in-coming freshmen about foreign language study, Summers 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

    Faculty advisor to the French and Spanish Graduate and Undergraduate Student Symposium, Spring 2010, 2011, 2012

    Co-founder and co-editor of Confluence: A Romance Language Journal of Saint Louis University, the online, selected proceedings for the annual student symposium.

    Presentations for Orientation Week for the Department of Modern & Classical Languages
    2013“Why the communicative approach?”
    2011 “Keeping culture central in beginning foreign language classes”
    2010 “Human thought as narrative: Implications for foreign language teaching”
    2009 “Second language acquisition”
    2008 “Foreign language teaching and learning”
    2007 “The structure of a class: A model;” “The acquisition of a second language”

    Presentations for Spanish House/Global Villa
    “Honduras through the eyes of SLU” March 2011, with two undergraduate students.
    “¿Dónde y cuándo pones las tildes?” (Where and when do you put written accents?) October, 2010, with four undergraduate students.
    “Conferences and abstracts: An information session,” with Drs. Smart and Cardona, November 2009, and then a similar session with Dr. Santiáñez in January 2011
    “Spanish accents,” April 2009 and 2010. In 2010, co-presented with four graduate students.
    “ Fascinated by language? Opportunities in language study: Graduate school and beyond,” September 2008.
    “ Tips for learning a second language,” Fall 2007, Spring 2008 and Fall 2008.

    Chief organizer, Orientation Week in August 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013

    Member, Online Course Evaluations Committee, Spring 2010

    Member, Technology Committee, Spring 2008 – Fall 2009

    Member, hiring committee for non-tenure track position in English as a Second Language, Spring 2008

    Developed teacher training materials (videos and guides) on how to conduct oral interviews, Summer and Fall 2008

    Participated in and helped with logistics at Orientation Week, Fall 2007

    College of Arts and Sciences

    Member, hiring committee for full-time, non-tenure track position in English as a Second Language, May 2011

    Conducted professional development workshop for the English as a Second Language teachers at Saint Louis University: “Theories about SLA: Yours and theirs,” May 2011

    Member, search committee for Chair of Dept. of Modern & Classical Languages, Fall 2010

    Arts & Sciences Technology Committee, Spring 2008; Fall 2009 – Spring 2011

    Presented “The role of explicit grammar instruction in a communicative context” for Saint Louis University’s English as a Second Language Division’s professional development seminar, May 2010

    Conducted workshops, with Dr. Diana Pascoe, on working with English as a second language writers, for Writing Center tutors at Saint Louis University, March 2008 and March 2009


    Interviewer for Fulbright scholarships, October 2012

    Member, Executive Committee of the Center for Intercultural Studies at Saint Louis University, Spring 2012 -

    Member, hiring committee for post-doc position in the Center for Intercultural Studies, Fall 2011

    Reviewer of grant proposals to the Beaumont Faculty Development Fund and the Summer Research Award, Spring 2011

    Presented “Writing for publication in the humanities” for Graduate Student Orientation at Saint Louis University, August 2010

    Member of Atlas Week planning committee, Fall 2009 – Fall 2011

    Interviewer for Presidential Scholarship, February 2010
    Member, Graduate Education Subcommittee – President’s Diversity Council, Spring 2010
    Judge for The Graduate Student Association’s Annual Graduate Research Symposium, April 2009

    Conducted a workshop for all academic advisors at Saint Louis University, with Dr. Diana Pascoe, on working with international students, October 2008

    Faculty advisor to the Great Issues Committee, Fall 2007 – Spring 2009



    Developmental Psychology, Spring 2011 to present
    Computer Assisted Language Learning, Spring 2011 to present
    Learning and Individual Differences, Spring 2011 to present
    Language Awareness, Spring 2011
    Hispania, Spring 2010 to present
    CALICO (Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium) Journal, Summer 2009 to present
    The Journal of Research in Reading, Fall 2009 to present

    Outside grant reviewer for the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong, Spring 2012

    Reviewer of submissions to the 2008, 2011 and 2012 annual conferences of the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL)

    Edited “Bilingualism and literacy” chapter in Dr. Catherine McBride-Chang’s Children’s Literacy Development, published by Hodder Arnold, 2004

    Other Professional Service

    Member, TESOL’s (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Professional Development Standing Committee, Spring 2006 – Spring 2009

    Chair of TESOL’s Online Resource Center, Spring 2006 – Spring 2009


    Most years oversee 200-500 hours of volunteer work done by students in service learning courses

    Taught English as a second language classes weekly at a community center for Hispanic immigrants (St. Cecilia Church, St. Louis) and have organized SLU students to also volunteer, August – October 2009

    Consultant and language assessor for Employment Connection’s refugee work training programs, July 2008 – March 2009


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