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BIOL-104 Principles of Biology I

Credits: 4
Semester: fall and spring
Prerequisites: none

I Course Description
Part 1: The Chemistry of Life; the chemical context of life; water and the fitness of the environment; carbon and molecular diversity; the structure and function of macromolecules; an introduction to metabolism

Part 2: The Cell: Cell structure and function; membrane structure and function; cellular Energy I: Photosynthesis; Cellular Energy II: Cellular respiration; Cellular Reproduction I: Mitosis; Cellular Reproduction II: Meiosis

Part 3: The Genetic basis of life; Mendelian patterns of inheritance; Chromosomes and genes; The molecular basis of inheritance (DNA); From gene to protein (the “central dogma” of biology); Genetics of viruses, bacteria and gene expression in eukaryotes

II Course Objective
To provide a basic introduction to biology, the study of life. At the end of the course, the student should have a clear understanding of basic biological principles and concepts. Laboratory sessions will complement the material covered in class.

III Course Outline
Week1: The Chemistry of Life, the Chemical context of life,
Week 2: Water and the fitness of environment; Carbon and molecular diversity
Week 3 & 4: The structure and function of macromolecules
Week 5: An introduction to metabolism
Week 6 & 7: Cell structure and Function. Mid-term exam I
Week 8: Membrane structure and function
Week 9 & 10: Photosynthesis and Cellular respiration
Week 11: Mitosis and Meiosis. Mid-term exam II
Week 12 & 13: The Genetics basis of life; Mendelian patterns of inheritance. Chromosomes and genes
Week 14 : The genetics of viruses and bacteria. Eukaryotic genomes
Week15: Review week and Final exam

IV Textbook:
Biology by Campbell

V Grading System
The final grade is calculated as follows:

First mid-term: 20%
Second mid-term: 20%
Final exam: 25%
Homework assignments: 10%
Laboratory grade: 25%

Grading scale
100 < A < 95%,
95% <A- < 90.5%
90.5% < B+ < 84.5%
84.5% < B < 80%
80% < B-< 75.5%
75.5% < C+ < 69.5%
69.5% < C < 65%
65% < C- < 60.5%
60.5% < D < 50%
F < 50%

VI Academic Honesty
Cheating in class on quizzes and tests is a serious offense. Any student caught cheating will receive an F for the course. A student may also be suspended for one semester. For more information concerning academic dishonesty, refer to the Code of Student Academic Responsibility.

VII Policies
(1) Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions and to ask questions.
(2) Announcements may be made during the semester.
(3) Useful information for the course may be found on the web.
(4) Syllabus, reading and homework problems are subject to change.
(5) Students are responsible for all lecture material, handouts, homework and assigned reading.
(6) It is mandatory to attend all classes unless a reasonable excuse is given.
(7) Make up exams are not given. Students who legitimately miss an exam, due to a doctor’s visit or family emergency must provide written documentation of the circumstances. A letter from the university counselor is accepted. Exams that are missed illegitimately result in a score of F. Grades for these students will be based on the remaining exams. Missing more than one exam results in an F grade.