5 Fat Loss Keys

Principle Investigator:

Zhenguo Lin, PhD
Assistant Professor

    Dr. Lin received his B.S. degree from Wuhan University, China in 2002. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2008 from Pennsylvania State University, co-mentored by Drs. Masatoshi Nei and Hong Ma. He conducted his postdoctoral research from 2008 to 2012 in Dr. Wen-Hsiung Li's lab at University of Chicago. Before joining the faculty at SLU in the Fall of 2014, Dr. Lin was a Huxley Faculty Fellow at  Rice University. Dr. Lin's primary research interests focus on evolution of genome, gene regulation and its implications for evolution of biological complexity.

Contact Information:
Email: zhenguolin@slu.edu
Office: M216A Schwitalla  Hall
Office phone:  314-977-9816
Lab: M216 Schwitalla  Hall
Lab phone:314-977-9821

Current graduate students:

Zhaolian Lu
Ph.D., Student of Biology
Since 2015
MS. Lanzhou University, China
Email: Zhaolian.Lu@slu.edu

Yu Zhan
Ph.D., Student of Biology
Since 2018
MS. Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Email: yu.zhan@slu.edu

Judith Rodriguez
MS student of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Since 2018
BS. Metropolitan University, Puerto Rico
Email: judith.rodriguez@slu.edu

Keenan Berry 
MS student of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Since 2018
BS. University of Miami
Email: keenan.berry@slu.edu

Former Lab Members:
Graduate Students
Alison Mullis 2015- 2018

Undergraduate students
Ahmad Rajeh
Ajay Chatrath
Andrei Gonzalez
Ayesha Khawaja
Besher Alayoubi
Jacob Linomaz
Julia Vu
Katie Vaeth
Mackenzie Carroll
Mayur Khanna
Niyati Bhakta
Prathosh Velpuri
Tarun Yandamuri

Visiting Scholars 
Bin Wang, PhD
Associate professor, Fujian A&F University, China

Tinghan Han
Visiting student, Huaihai Insititute of Technology, China


5 Fat Loss Keys

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