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Close For the latest updates on how the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program is responding to COVID-19, visit the 1818 COVID-19 FAQ page.

1818 Program COVID-19 FAQs

We understand this is a stressful time for a lot of families and you have concerns about the completion of the academic year and students ability to receive their SLU college credit from the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program. We are here to assure you that SLU supports you during this time and that students will be eligible to still receive their SLU 1818 college credits.  

Updates for Fall 2020

The 1818 Program remains dedicated and committed to ensuring students have the opportunity to continue their dual credit college education through Saint Louis University. We are currently monitoring and in contact with partner institutions regarding plans for opening. 

The 1818 Program has made investments this summer to ensure there is no disruption of class for students and to ensure faculty have resources to effectively teach online if necessary. Some of these improvements include:

  • Invest in making SLU's learning management system (LMS), Canvas, available to schools to utilize to manage their 1818 course if they do not have an LMS of their own,
  • Provide training on effective online and distance education at the Summer Symposium through SLU's experts in the Distance Education Office,
  • Invest in Zoom academic licenses for instructors to utilize to conduct class and meetings online, 
  • Increased coordination with SLU faculty liaisons to advise regarding teaching the course online, 
  • Expand remote access to students to utilize the library databases for their coursework,
  • Invest in Pearson Smart Thinking in order to provide online tutor support.



 Below we've compiled a list of FAQs that may answer your question. This page will be actively updated to address concerns as they arise.

Is SLU's 1818 office still open?
Yes. The 1818 Office remains open, however, Saint Louis University has moved operations to be remote. Therefore, the physical office is closed, but our team is still here to assist you.

Our phones are still operating, but due to high volume, we highly recommend you email

If I chose to home school my student can they still get their 1818 credits? 

We are aware that some parents may not feel confident in sending their students back to their classrooms and may choose to home school over formal education. 

The 1818 Program is reviewing the potential for this and exploring the option of offering online courses directly from the University that the student could take for credit.

Students who home school may also take advantage of the Visiting Young Scholars Program, which places students in university undergraduate courses with full time college students at a reduced tuition rate. 

What is the best way to pay tuition due to reduced university operations?

Our new simplified payment system is now live, and our website has been updated.

  • Students do not need to login through mySLU anymore. They simply need their Banner ID and tuition amount to make a payment.
  • Multiple payments may be made before the tuition deadline as long as it is paid off in full before the drop date. 

Families may email  if they do not know the Banner ID or tuition amount.  We strongly encourage online payments, however, if you have issues mailed checks will be accepted but delayed in processing. 

Will students still be able to receive their college credit?

Saint Louis University is committed to ensuring our 1818 families are able to complete the course and receive SLU college credit. We are actively working with our 1818 instructors and schools regarding expectations, resources and ways to ensure students are still receiving the rigorous education they expect from SLU.

Please be assured that you will be able to receive credit and that we are in continuous communication with our partners. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to check your email for updates as the situation continues to unfold.

Can I choose to pass/fail my 1818 course?

Due to transfer considerations and effects of pass/fail, Saint Louis University will not consider pass/fail options for 1818 students. Students will receive a letter grade based upon the course syllabus and University grading scale. 

Will tuition be reduced since courses have moved to an online format? 

Saint Louis University students will continue to get a quality education only in a different method. There are expanded services to facilitate virtual learning. This mode of learning is a great training for future employment and engagement with a global workforce. At this time, University leadership has not adjusted tuition rates.

What are the expectations of students moving forward?

Students enrolled in the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program are classified as Saint Louis University students. Therefore, it is important for students to remember that they are college students and are being held to the expectations of a college student. 

It is the program's expectation that students remain attentive and responsive to instructions provided by their 1818 adjunct faculty and their institutions. 

Students are expected to continue to make progress on mastering the course learning outcomes through remote/distant education as outlined by their schools and instructors. 

Some states have mandated students cannot be assessed during the closure period for now. In that regard, SLU is not requiring 1818 adjuncts to assess student work, however, we encourage students and faculty to continue to provide learning opportunities. 

How should a course be taught online/remotely?

Asynchronous versus synchronous instruction:

We have encouraged our faculty to remain as flexible as possible in their course delivery for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term. Therefore, faculty have been encouraged to conduct their courses asynchronously for the remainder of the semester. This means that the instructor and the students do not meet simultaneously. However, students and instructors will interact regularly, and students are required to complete coursework at set intervals, including participating in-class activities, online discussions/chats, group projects, quizzes, exams, etc.

We understand many faculty members have decided to conduct their courses synchronously. In these cases, faculty members must hold class during their regularly-scheduled class meeting time to avoid conflicts.

A reminder that 1818 adjunct faculty members have the right to amend their syllabus as necessary throughout the semester. Due to the unfolding situation, please be aware that your instructor may make changes to adapt to online/remote work. Please be sure to remain in contact with your instructor and review any updated syllabi.

What resources are available for online/remote education?

As a partner, Saint Louis University is dedicated to ensuring that partners have access to resources to make their class comparable to a University experience.

The 1818 Program has deployed the following resources to school and instructors to assist them during the time:

In addition, the 1818 Program understands not all schools and students have access to online resources. Therefore, the 1818 Program has also provided support to schools for printed materials to be distributed during the closures.

What if schools close end the school year early? 

No state has made this decision yet.

If high schools are forced or choose to end the school year early, Saint Louis University expects for the college course to continue remotely. The course may be abbreviated as long as the learning outcomes have been accomplished.

Grading for the course may be different than the high school grade as the University officially has moved all courses to be online/remote and therefore the college grade may require additional assignments that the high school does not require. 

Instructors have the right to adapt the course and end the college course early if learning outcomes have been met. 

What if a state mandates the suspension of dual-credit courses? 

No state has suspended dual-credit offerings at this time. The SLU 1818 course should continue online/remotely. Instructors may adapt their course, but students will be held responsible for content, assessed and graded.

The University community is monitoring the situations and are in full conversation regarding attempts to move forward. 

Are there any well-being/mental health resources available for students? 
We know this is a difficult time and stressful for many students. Saint Louis University provides students resources to help process and cope during COVID-19.
How will the 1818 Program communicate changes?
Email remains the main way that we will communicate any changes as events continue to unfold. We will also update any major program changes on the 1818 site and this FAQ page.

How should I handle reinstatements for Spring 2020 ?

Our reinstatement process is now online and has been updated. Please follow the instructions for submitting a reinstatement request online

For Spring 2020, the 1818 Program has suspended the $50 reinstatement fee due to concerns surrounding the economic impact of COVID-19. The 1818 Program will also be flexible in regards to which courses families wish to reinstate if there is a financial burden due to COVID-19.

What is SLU doing in response to COVID-19?
If you are seeking information on SLU's response to the COVID-19 virus, you can find all updates at

Communication Log

As noted, email remains our primary method of communicating updates. We have cataloged the messages that have gone out to our partners including students, parents, instructors, coordinators and principals below. If you are not getting you email updates, please email to request for us to investigate the issue.