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Becoming an 1818 Instructor

Instructors interested in teaching for the 1818 Advanced College Credit program are accepted on a rolling basis.

High school teachers interested in becoming an adjunct instructor in the 1818 Advanced College Credit program should either:

  1. Hold a master's degree in the respective discipline.
  2. Hold a master's degree in another discipline provided that they have a minimum of 18 graduate hours related to the respective discipline they are applying to teach.
Apply to Be a New 1818 Instructor

Once you have reviewed the requirements and special notes for consideration, please submit the online application before June 1 to be eligible to teach the next academic year. We will work to process any applications received after the deadline but cannot guarantee approval to start teaching for the upcoming academic year. 

New applicants should save the date for the New Partner Orientation and Summer Symposium. Attendance is mandatory for all new instructors. 

  • New Partner Orientation: July 27 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Summer Symposium Session 1: July 29 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Summer Symposium Session 2: Aug. 3 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Registration information will be emailed upon instructor approval.

Start Your Online 1818 New Instructor Application

Request Additional Courses as a Returning 1818 Instructor 

Instructors who already have been approved to teach by the 1818 Advanced College Credit program may request to teach additional courses without going through the full application process.

Additional course approval requests must be submitted and approved before the start of the academic semester in which the course will be offered.

Submit A Course Addition Request Online

Already started a course addition request? Check your email for your personal  link to continue progress on your request.

University departmental liaisons, in consultation with appropriate department members and the 1818 Advanced College Credit program director, make the final determination regarding approval of adjunct instructors and new course approvals.

Review Process for All Applicants

After receiving all necessary application materials, the 1818 Advanced College Credit program will:

  1. Review the online submission materials and, if no changes are needed, forward it to the respective University liaison. Instructors that do not meet criteria will be provided a formal denial letter and information regarding steps to become approved in the future.
  2. The University liaison will review the instructor submission. The liaison may contact the instructor for clarification or requested changes to their syllabus via email.
  3. Once the submission is deemed satisfactory, the liaison will notify the instructor and the 1818 Advanced College Credit program via email whether the instructor is approved or provisionally approved (with provisions stated).
  4. Once an instructor has received their approval letter, they should register and plan attend both the New Partner Orientation and the Summer Symposium. SLU credentials and University login/access will be provided during the New Partner Orientation by the  1818 Program.

Annual Instructor Requirements  

Each year, instructors must:

  1. Submit their course syllabus for the upcoming academic year using the SLU 1818 syllabus template.
  2. Ensure last academic year grades have been entered into Banner Self-Service
  3. Register and attend the Summer Symposium.

Not fulfilling any of these requirements annually may lead to your course not allowed to be offered for college credit until in compliance.