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Partner Benefits

The benefits of the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program extend beyond the classroom. Faculty and staff involved in the program have the opportunity for professional development through trainings, mentorship and more.

Advisory Board

As a commitment to our belief that the 1818 Program is a partnership, the 1818 Program has established a semi-autonomous advisory board that advises, reviews policy, makes recommendation and provides direction for the program. 

Current Members

Board Leadership

  • Brandon Hentze, Ed.D., Belleville West High School (IL)  
    1818 Advisory Board Chair
  • Erin Gabriel, Dowling Catholic High School (IA)
    1818 Advisory Board Vice-Chair
  • Kimberlee Gill, Summit Christian Academy (MO)
    1818 Advisory Board Secretary 

1818 Alumnus Representatives

  • Adilyn Mueller, Saint Louis University (MO)
  •  Molly Diehl, Saint Louis University (MO)

Private Secondary Representatives

  • Tom Becvar, Saint Louis University High School (MO)
  • Stephanie Kraleman, Ed.D., Chaminade College Prepatory (MO)
  • Ken Luecke, De Semet Jesuit High School (MO)
  • Dennis Matreci, St. John Vianney High School (MO)

Public Secondary Representatives

  • James Beatty, Ph.D. Lindbergh High School (MO)
  • Paula Gyllenborg, Affton High School (MO)
  • Eric Knost, Ed.D., Rockwood School District (MO)
  • Stacie Miller, Granite City High School (IL)

SLU Faculty Representatives

  • John Kalliongis, Ph.D., Saint Louis University (MO)
  • Michal Rozbicki, Ph.D., Saint Louis University (MO)

Distance Partner Representatives

  •  Kimberlee Gill, Summit Christian Academy (MO)
  • Fran Maloney, Marquette University Jesuit High School (WI)


  • Laurie Russell, Ph.D., Saint Louis University (MO)

Ex-Officio Members

  • Jean Cox, Dean of Admission
  • Arline Cravens, Ph.D., 1818 Partner Relationship Manager
  • Bretton DeLaria, 1818 Program Director 
  • Christopher Duncan, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Yvonne Fisher, 1818 Data and Assessment Coordinator
  • Gayle Rogan, Ph.D., 1818 Director Emeritus

The 1818 Advisory Board meets quarterly to discuss programmatic items. Per the Board by-laws, the board must publicly publish the minutes from each meeting for review by the 1818 partners.

Review the minutes

Advisory Board By-laws

In 2017, the 1818 Advisory Board formally revised and ratified new guidelines and by-laws regarding board composition and governance. The revisions encourage greater collaboration and participation from the various stakeholders in the program and provides a forum for individuals to help advise program direction.

Review the Board By-laws


There are a variety of awards available to instructors, coordinators and administrators involved with the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program. We offer incentive awards to acknowledge the growth of your dual-credit program with Saint Louis University, service awards honoring longstanding participation, and annual awards to spotlight an instructor’s, coordinator’s or school’s outstanding performance and commitment to excellence in teaching dual credit.

Award Honoree Archives

Nationally Accredited, Quality Courses

As one the first programs of its kind in the nation, a founding member of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Programs (NACEP), and only one a handful of nationally accredited programs since 2014, the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program provides to partners and families a highly rigorous and quality college credit program.

Explore the SLU NACEP Accreditation Application

Discover Courses Eligible for 1818 Credit

New Partner Orientation

Each summer, new instructors and coordinators to the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program are required  to attend an orientation day. The day allows new staff to get acquainted with the program policies and procedures as well as meet program staff. Stipends, meals, parking and supplies are all provided at no cost to 1818 Advanced College Credit members.

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Professional Development Days

The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program offers a variety of professional development days throughout the year for high school administrators, instructors and coordinators. Content varies is tailored to specific audiences. Events might include college preparedness days for administrators, introduction to college advising for counselors and so on. Meals, parking and supplies are all provided at no cost to 1818 Advanced College Credit Program members. Sub-reimbursement for instructor development days is also available. Instructors are required to attend one discipline specific day related to their 1818 appointment to remain in good standing. 

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Partners in the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program have access to a variety of SLU resources, including but not limited to: access to Pius XII Memorial Library and online databases, free professional development, Google Apps, graduate tuition scholarships, Office 365, on-campus class observations, personal SLU email accountsright to use University logos and name, specialized admissions tours, Skype for BusinessSLU ID card, and SLU Newslink newsletter promoting University news and events.

1818 Program Policies and Procedures Handbook

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Department Cohort Online Collaboration 


Graduate tuition scholarships are available to instructors, coordinators and principals interested in pursuing graduate education at SLU or, under special circumstances, at another institution.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Prospective instructors seeking necessary degree or additional credit hours for approval must agree to teach for the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program.
  • Current instructors using the scholarship for professional development must have and maintain program enrollment in their course for the duration of the scholarship request.
  • Coordinators seeking the necessary credentials to teach for the 1818 program must agree and certify that they will teach for the program and have enrollment in the program at their high school.
  • Administrators using the scholarship for professional development must have enrollment in the 1818 program at the school and maintain good standing of their institution in the program.
Internal Scholarships

Internal tuition scholarships are available for local program partners, particularly current and prospective 1818 Advanced College Credit Program adjunct instructors, coordinators and high school administrators. Scholarships will cover up to nine graduate credit hours per academic year per individual.

  1. Individuals should be enrolled in a degree program at SLU or enrolled as an unclassified student at SLU.
  2. Individuals should register for their courses each semester first.
  3. Individuals should submit the internal scholarship request form each semester.

Scholarship request must be submitted online before the appropriate deadline:

  • Fall: September 9
  • Spring: January 31
  • Summer: Depends on course part of term

No requests will be honored after the deadline submission due date. The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program may hold the right to refuse processing an award:

You will be notified by the 1818 program office via email once the scholarship is processed.

External Scholarships

External scholarships may be available under special circumstances to partners are unable to take courses through Saint Louis University. This includes 1818 Advanced College Credit Program adjunct instructors who are provisionally approved or who are working to meet requirements to apply for the program.

Special circumstances most often include the geographical distance of a partner high school from the SLU campus or that SLU does not offer a graduate program in the discipline they are looking to teach.

External scholarships can only cover tuition costs at another institution up to the cost of nine graduate credit hours at SLU per academic year.

  1. Upon completion of your coursework, submit copies of your transcript to the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program office.
  2. Submit the External Scholarship Request online.
  3. The  1818 program office will notify you via email once the scholarship is processed.

Please note: Individuals will need to upload a copy of the tuition bill and unofficial transcripts via the form to be reimbursed.

Dual Credit Pipeline Scholarship

The Dual Credit Pipeline Scholarship is a partnership between Saint Louis University and Indiana University that allows active 1818 adjunct instructors to take online graduate courses to fulfill the Higher Learning Commission's 18 graduate hour requirement for individuals teaching dual credit with a master's degree in a discipline different than the one they teach.

Starting in Fall 2018, individuals can request scholarships that will cover up to nine graduate credit hours per academic year per individual at Indiana University. 

Fall Registration deadline is August 13, 2018 and seating is limited based on availability.

  1. Review the Dual Credit Pipeline Course Catalog.
  2. Apply to Indiana University online.
  3. Submit the Dual Credit Pipeline Scholarship request to the 1818 Program.
  4. The 1818 program office will notify you via email once the scholarship is processed by SLU for payment to Indiana University.
  5. Check your Indiana University student account to confirm Indiana's receipt payment.
  6. Submit official transcripts upon completion of the course to the 1818 program office.  

SLU Faculty Partners

Each 1818 adjunct has access to an appointed SLU faculty member as a resource. These liaisons can offer guidance, answer questions, provide colleague support and give feedback for teaching SLU courses.

Liaisons are required to make annual visits to the high school classroom and share their observation reports with the instructor. Documentation of these meetings is required for accreditation purposes. Faculty liaisons can find important documents and forms in the liaison digital drive.

Submit Annual Report 

Summer Symposium

The required annual summer symposium for instructors and coordinators in the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program takes place the summer before the start of the upcoming academic year. The event brings together all high school instructors and coordinators for a topical education keynote, updates on the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program and protocols, and substantial time for departmental meeting with colleagues from the program and SLU faculty. Meals, parking, and supplies are all provided at no cost to 1818 Advanced College Credit Program members.

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