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Visit FAQs

Out of an abundance of care and concern for the entire community, SLU is suspending all campus visits, effective Tuesday, March 17, until further notice.

We recognize there is a lot to consider when scheduling a visit to campus. Below you will find answers to our frequently asked questions to assist you in scheduling your visit. 

How do I register to visit Saint Louis University?

You can register for any of our visit programs or an individualized visit at

What is an Admission Presentation?  

Whether or not you have visited Saint Louis University before, in this presentation you will learn about our extensive academic majors and programs, scholarship and research opportunities, Jesuit education, life on campus, living in St. Louis, and more. Your presenter will walk you through the application, admission, and scholarship process. Open to any high school student or transfer student.

What is the “Becoming a Billiken” Presentation?

Now that you have been accepted to Saint Louis University, you will want to hear more about residence life, dining on campus, the first year experience, and more. We will walk you through how to apply for housing, make your tuition deposit, and register for SLU 101 (our first-year student orientation program). Only available for students who have been admitted.

Can I meet one-on-one with an admission representative?
During your application process, we will be happy to schedule an admission interview for you. You can choose that option on the registration form. We also schedule one-on-one financial aid meetings for students who are admitted and have received their financial aid package. You'll be able to choose that option on the registration form. Due to the high volume of visitors, we cannot always guarantee a one-on-one meeting with an admission counselor. However, both the admission presentation and the Becoming a Billiken presentation are structured to answer all your questions about applications and enrollment. Further, both presentations allow for question and answer time at the end of the session.
What is a financial aid meeting?
Once you have been admitted to Saint Louis University and receive your financial aid package, you can schedule a 30-minute financial aid meeting. This is an opportunity to sit down one-on-one with an admission counselor to discuss the financial aid award package in detail and answer any questions about financing a SLU education or completing the next steps in the enrollment process. Saint Louis University provides the most comprehensive financial aid package possible to each student and therefore we are unable to negotiate financial aid awards.
Can I stay overnight in a dorm?

Note: At this time overnight visits have been suspended. 

Our volunteer overnight host group, the Billiken Buddies, are happy to share their SLU experience with you. We offer overnight opportunities in one of our residence hall rooms Sunday through Thursday nights during the academic year. Our hosts will show you all the amenities; dining, laundry, facilities, and more. You’ll learn about the best studying spots, clubs and organizations and fun things to do on campus. The host will also show you any employment or volunteer opportunities they are involved with. You can choose the overnight option on the registration form when you sign up for an individualized visit. We also offer an overnight visit during Admitted Student Day.

Can I contact my overnight host in advance? 

We are unable to share our current students’ personal information. You’ll meet your host when you arrive!

Can I meet with a faculty member or the academic department in which I'm interested?
Yes! We offer a long list of academic sessions: Physical Therapy, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, Biology, Pre-health (Pre-medicine), Engineering, Aviation Science, Nursing, and Business. You can also attend an information session with one of our Career Services specialists, or the Honors Program. If you're interested in meeting with a representative from a program not listed above, register for either the Admission Presentation or the Becoming a Billiken presentation and let us know that you'd like to add the meeting by sending a follow up email to after you complete your visit registration. 
Can I meet with a professor?

Note: At this time, faculty availability may be limited.

Yes, you can register for one of our academic sessions or meetings. In addition, our faculty and staff are available via email or a phone call if you have more questions after attending the session.

What's the best visit option for me?

We offer a variety of visit options to best fit your schedule, at your request, and get all of your questions answered. If you have been admitted to SLU, we strongly encourage you to attend Admitted Student Day. This program offers a class visit, a meeting with the academic department to which you were admitted, one-on-one financial aid meetings, sessions on special programs such as pre-health and pre-med, and multicultural opportunities at SLU. You can interact with current students and faculty. Parents can attend a panel with Housing and Residence Life, Public Safety, Campus Ministry, and more. You can see inside the freshman residence hall options, the dining center, St. Francis Xavier College Church, and more. 

Or you might want to consider “Admitted Student Lunch.” This visit focuses on campus life and culture as a freshman here at SLU. You’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from current students as they speak on topics such as academic success, living on campus, and extracurricular involvements. Additionally, you can eat in the dining hall, get more information about the final steps of the enrollment process, and meet one-on-one with an admissions counselor to further discuss financial aid, or any final questions you may have. 

If you are still in the college search process and haven't yet applied we offer a variety of open house type visits such as Preview Day, Select Saturday, and Junior Visit Day. You can find more information and the registration link at  

We also offer options for an individualized visit on most week days. 

If I come for an individualized visit, can I have more than one appointment? 
Yes! We suggest when you come to visit that you attend an admission presentation or Becoming a Billiken presentation and a campus tour. You can also add an academic session or meeting overnight stay, class visit, or meet with special departments like Disability Services or the Honors Program.
What if I'm interested in meeting academic department but I don't see academic session offered on the day I'm visiting?

Almost all of our academic sessions or meetings are conducted by faculty members. They have office hours for prospective student visitors on the days that they are not teaching. It is our hope that we offer enough sessions that you can find a time or date that works best with your schedule. We strongly suggest you come during one of our visit program days like Admitted Student Day or Preview Day because on those days we can guarantee every single undergraduate program is available to speak with you.

Will I see a dorm room on my tour?

Note: At this time, we are not offering residence hall tours.

All of our tours include viewing a residence hall room. In an effort to show our guests a realistic view of residence halls at SLU, we use rooms that are occupied by current students. We want to ensure and respect our students' privacy and busy schedules; therefore, residence hall tours are limited during move-in or move-out days, or near holidays and school breaks.

Residence hall tours are also limited during the summer due to scheduled maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask a visit assistant. Dates and times are subject to change due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. We recommend that you check our schedule six to eight weeks before making travel arrangements.

What will I see on a campus tour?

Our tour is approximately one hour long. You'll see a classroom, a residence hall room, St Francis Xavier College Church, our main library and Academic Tech Commons, the quad, and our main mall that runs through the center of our campus. When the tour is complete, you're welcome to go into the Simon Rec Center or the Busch Student Center (visit our bookstore with the coupon provided). Those buildings are open to visitors during regular business hours.

Can I tour the medical school or law school?
Our medical school is part of Saint Louis University Hospital and due to patient privacy, we do not offer tours of the medical school. However, our tour will show you what it's like for the pre-med/pre-health undergraduate experience at Saint Louis University. Saint Louis University School of Law is located in downtown St. Louis adjacent to the civil courts building.  
Can I shadow a class?

Note: At this time class shadows have been suspended.

On the registration form for individualized visits, choose the class visit option. We will assign a class for you based on availability and your academic interest that is listed on the registration form.

Do you have weekend visits?

Yes, we have quite a few weekend visit options. Check out our website for more information. We do not offer weekend visits during exams, holiday breaks, or when the University is closed.

Can I bring guests with me on my visit?

You're welcome to bring your parents, family, guardian or other. If one of your friends is attending with you, it is our preference that they fill out their own registration form. 

I’m the parent of a prospective student. Can I attend the visit?  

You're welcome to participate in any activities for the campus visit except the class visit or overnight stay. Additionally, if your student is doing their admission interview on campus, we will ask for you to step out of the room throughout the duration of the interview. 

Can I meet with a coach?
Due to NCAA regulations, the Office of Admission cannot facilitate meetings with athletic coaches. You are welcome to contact the Athletics Office at 314-977-3122.
What if I’m interested in learning more about the fine and performing arts at SLU?  

Email us at and we’ll schedule a meeting for you during your visit with the appropriate representative. 

Where do I park? What building do I go to?

Once your visit registration is submitted, you’ll receive an email confirmation. This confirmation will provide information on your schedule, where to park, which building to go to, and more. It also lists helpful links such as driving direction, suggested hotels near campus and campus maps.