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SLU Estimated Financial Aid Offer

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Financial Aid You Can Plan On

Saint Louis University recognizes that FAFSA delays are adding stress and uncertainty to the college decision process for many families. In response, SLU launched an institutional aid application that mirrors the FAFSA, so you can receive your financial aid award as soon as possible. 
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Bypass the FAFSA Hassle: Secure Your Aid Offer

To get started, log in to your Billiken Gateway Portal and select the SLU Estimated Financial Aid Offer form. 

How to Complete Your Estimated Aid Offer Form

SLU Estimated Financial Aid Offer FAQs

Questions? SLU’s team of admission and financial aid experts have answers. If you don’t see your question below, contact your admission counselor for assistance. 

Why is SLU using an institutional form?

Due to the federal government delays with FAFSA, we have decided to create an institutional-based form to help students and families through the college-decision process. We want you to have an estimated financial aid offer as soon as possible rather than waiting for FAFSA data to be received and processed, which could be well into April.  

Using the SLU institutional form, which mirrors the FAFSA, you will receive an estimated financial aid offer within two weeks of SLU receiving your completed information.

If you do not submit the SLU institutional form, you may not receive any financial aid offer from SLU until late spring or when FAFSA information is transmitted to colleges and universities.

We believe our estimated financial aid offer will help you make an informed decision about SLU’s affordability. 

Do I still need to file a FAFSA if I have my estimated offer?

The FAFSA is required if you wish to be eligible for state and federal grants and loans. We promise to work with you to keep the final offer as close to the estimate as possible.  

What is the deadline to file the SLU institutional form and is there a deadline to file the FAFSA?

Families are encouraged to file the SLU form as soon as possible in order to receive a SLU Estimated Financial Aid Offer. We will use the institutional form during the months in which the FAFSA data is delayed. 

The FAFSA priority deadline at SLU, and all other institutional deadlines associated with financial aid, are suspended. However, we are not at liberty to alter state deadlines.  

What information/documents do I need to complete the SLU form?

You will need the same information required to complete the FAFSA, parent/guardian and student tax information for 2022.

How long will the SLU form take to complete?

The form mirrors the FAFSA. We recommend you set aside an hour as a family to answer the questions accurately and in a timely manner. The information you provide will be used to prepare your offer. 

I think I made an error in the SLU form; can I make a correction?

Once you submit the form, you will not be able to go back in to correct nor will you be able to submit multiple forms.

The information you provide with the institutional form will help generate an estimated financial aid offer. Do your best to provide us with the most accurate information.  

We strongly encourage you to file the FAFSA which will help verify information and allow you to be eligible for state and federal grants and loans.

Can I use the Direct Data Exchange on the SLU form?

No. This is a private form and we are not linked to the federal government system. You will need to use your 2022 tax information to complete the SLU form.

Is this estimated offer guaranteed?

The SLU Estimated Financial Aid Offer is a guaranteed offer if the self-reported family income is within $15,000 of actual income reported on the FAFSA. If the self-reported family income varies by more than $15,000, we promise to work with you to keep the final offer as close to the estimate as possible.

Will I receive a final financial aid offer after the estimated offer?

You can consider your SLU Estimated Financial Aid Offer as a guaranteed award for the 2024-2025 academic year. We will follow up with a final financial aid offer once we receive and process FAFSA data. 

At SLU we take financial affordability and transparency seriously. You and your family need to know how to make college education a reality. Your SLU Estimated Financial Aid Offer will provide you with information in a timely manner so you can focus on admitted student visits and making your final enrollment decision. We are with you throughout this decision-making process and available to assist you along the way.

Who should I reach out to with questions about the form or my estimated award?

We are with you and your family every step of the way.  Our admissions counseling team and financial aid counselors are ready to assist you. We’re committed to extending our counseling services to meet you and your family virtually or in person.

Find your counselor and make an appointment

Is the form secure?

We are using our Billiken Gateway system and University ITS data security measures are in place to keep your information secure.

Who is eligible to complete the form and receive a SLU Estimated Financial Aid Offer?

The SLU Estimated Financial Aid Offer form is only available for admitted first-time domestic freshmen who are eligible to file the FAFSA.