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FAQs for SLU 101 - Summer 2021

SLU 101 Summer Orientation will look different for summer 2021, and we know you may have questions about how to sign up, what to expect and more. Read on for answers to some of the most common questions. 

Signing Up for SLU 101 

Can I participate in any live, virtual SLU 101 session?

Yes, as long as the date still has space available. Remember that you must submit your enrollment deposit before registering for SLU 101. When you register, you will see all the dates with remaining space listed for you to choose from. Students must be registered for a live, virtual SLU 101 session to participate in the program; we are not able to accommodate last-minute requests to be added to a session.  

Do the program dates have unlimited capacity?
Unfortunately, no. Each program date has a limited capacity. It is best to register as soon as possible if you have a particular date in mind. You can edit your reservation to change your session date as long as seats are available in that session. We keep to the capacity per session; even with the virtual sessions, we want to manage group size to create a meaningful experience for the students.
What should I do if I can not participate in the SLU 101 session at the last minute?

Let us know if you are unable to attend by calling your admission counselor. Please give as much notice as possible so that we can inform those who are expecting you.

Parents and Families 

What is the parent and family experience during the SLU 101 session?

Parents and family members will have a different experience for SLU 101 2021 and will not have any program to participate in during the student’s live, virtual SLU 101 session. Parents and guardians will have the option to participate in a series of webinars with different topics. Parents and guardians will also receive a link with access to our online orientation modules/resources. You can review these resources at your own time and pace during the summer to learn more about campus resources and services.

What can I expect from the online orientation platform?

The online orientation platform for parents and guardians will have several modules for you to review during the summer at your own pace. These videos and websites will help you get to know the offices that provide different resources for students throughout their time as a Billiken.

Can family members sit in on the student’s advising appointment?

Parents and other family members are not invited to the advising appointments. It is important for the student to meet with an academic advisor independently and begin developing a relationship. We respectfully ask that parents and guardians not participate in the student’s virtual advising appointment. Once a student attends their SLU 101 session they will be contacted by an academic advisor to set up a one-on-one advising appointment. The academic advising appointment will be after the student attends their SLU 101 session.

Can parents and families have an opportunity to ask questions outside of the online orientation modules?

Yes, we will be providing some optional live, virtual experiences for parents and guardians to participate in June and July. During these virtual sessions, there will be staff available to answer questions. Learn more about the presentation topics and session dates

Is there a Family Weekend to participate in at SLU?

Saint Louis University hosts a Homecoming and Family Weekend during the fall semester.  Each summer the webpage that promotes the different Homecoming and Family Weekend events is updated.  Please continue to check the Homecoming and Family Weekend webpage to keep up to date as new information is added during the summer.

General Questions

How is SLU managing the campus with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)?

Saint Louis University has a webpage where the latest campus communications related to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) will be highlighted, as well as resources for Saint Louis University faculty, staff, students and parents/families.

What will I do during SLU 101 2021?

There will be a three-phase approach for students during summer orientation 2021.

Pre-SLU 101: Prior to the your SLU 101 session, students should complete different items (i.e. placement tests) prior to attending the live, virtual SLU 101 session.  Students are required to complete the Math and English Placement Tests two weeks out from their SLU 101 session.  Students may also need to complete a Language Assessment Exam.  Please review the Placement Exam information in the SLU 101 website to learn more.  Students will also receive an email with information for their SLU 101 session; this email will be sent about a week prior to the student's live, virtual SLU 101 session and will have the Zoom link you will use to access your virtual session. Please keep checking your email for important information from SLU; including your junk/spam box in case emails or misdirected to those boxes.

Live, Virtual SLU 101 SessionStudents will receive information via email on how to participate with the live Zoom sessions for the session date they signed up for; students will receive this email around seven days prior to the session. The virtual live program will be a reduced modified schedule. For freshmen, we will be conducting the live portion across the two days of their live, virtual SLU 101 session; for transfers, we will conduct the live portion during the one-day of their session date.

Post-SLU 101: Students that attend their SLU 101 session will be eligible for their academic advising appointment. You will receive an email from an academic advisor to schedule your individual advising appointment once you attend your SLU 101 session. You will also receive information on how to review online orientation modules where you can continue to learn about campus resources and services on your own time throughout the summer. 

Do I participate in all of SLU 101?

Yes and no. During your live, virtual SLU 101 session, some of the presentations and activities will be required, and some will be optional for you to determine what is the best use of your time and what you need from the experience. You must attend a SLU 101 session to be eligible to have your academic advising appointment. The Post-SLU 101 orientation modules will be for your to review on your own time during the rest of the summer. The SLU 101 orientation experience is full of important information that will help you adjust to college and have a smooth first year.

How will I get my SLU ID during SLU 101?

Be on the lookout for an email in late spring that will share information on how to submit your photo online for your SLU ID. This email will be sent to your SLU email account so it is important that you start checking regularly your SLU email. Use the link provided in the email and follow the directions within the email on how to do the online photo submission process. You must complete the online photo submission process for your student ID to have it ready for your first semester at SLU. Your SLU ID will be ready for your arrival to campus in the fall.

How do I turn in my forms to Student Health Center?

If you have not already done so, you can submit your immunization record and required tuberculosis screening directly to Student Health Center online. The health insurance enrollment or waiver process for the University Health Plan can be completed online once you are registered as a full-time student (i.e. after you are registered for classes).

What can I expect from the live, virtual SLU 101 experience?
Sample schedules for the student’s live, virtual SLU 101 session is available now through this website.   This will be the schedule for you to follow during your SLU 101 session.
What can I expect from the online orientation platform?
The online orientation platform will have several modules for students to review on your own time. You will receive an email directing you to where the modules will be hosted on the website. The modules will provide additional information outside of your SLU 101 session about campus resources and policies, help you learn more about the student experience at SLU, and help you feel prepared for your first semester as a Billiken.
Which email should I be checking to get information for SLU 101?
Please check the email you submitted when you signed up for your SLU 101 session. However, it is also expected for you to start checking and using your SLU email address. Information may be sent to both, and it is your responsibility to keep up on communication from the university. How to access your SLU email account was in your Admitted Student Packet.
Can I meet with someone from the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources  during SLU 101? How do I schedule an appointment with Disability Services?
You can learn about how to schedule an appointment with the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources by visiting their website, which will answer many questions, including what documentation will be needed for academic accommodations and/or housing accommodations.
Where can I learn more about Fall Welcome events that will occur for students and families?
Fall Welcome is a schedule of events mainly for students and a few events for parents/families.  Fall Welcome is for all of our new students (residential and commuters) as well as our returning students.  The Fall Welcome schedule begins before classes and will continue throughout the first couple of weeks of classes.  Typically the Fall Welcome webpage is updated mid to late July with a more detailed schedule of events.  Please continue to check it throughout the summer to keep up on the most up to date Fall Welcome schedule.  We can't wait for you to join the fun in August!

Registering for Classes 

For summer 2021, academic advisors will meet with students after a student attends a SLU 101 session.  Students will receive an email after they attend SLU 101 on how they can get signed up for an individual advising appointment.  

How will I get registered for classes during SLU 101?

For summer 2021, your academic advisor will work with you to make course recommendations based on the curriculum required for your degree and academic program.  During your virtual-live advising appointment, your academic advisor will review your curriculum requirements and course options. The academic advisor will then refer you to our virtual course registration labs if you need assistance to get signed up for classes.  Please note: You must complete placement testing prior to meeting with your academic advisor.

How can I find out when my advising appointment will be during SLU 101? 

After a student attends their SLU 101 session, they are then eligible for their individual advising appointment. You will receive an email from an academic advisor, once you attend your SLU 101 session, with information on how you sign up for a one-on-one appointment using EAB Navigate Student. All academic advising appointments are scheduled in Central Daylight Time. Watch this video on how to schedule your academic advising appointment. Please note: You must complete placement testing prior to meeting with your academic advisor.

Will I be able to get the schedule of classes I want?

Your academic advisor will discuss requirements and course options to ensure that you are enrolled in courses that are appropriate for you and your program of study.

Can changes be made to my class schedule? 

For summer 2021, academic advisors will make course recommendations based on your program of study. SLU 101 Leaders will host virtual course registration labs during June and early July to help you get signed up for classes for your fall semester. Once you are fully registered for classes, changes to your fall 2021 class schedule must be completed by your academic advisor.

If you want to make any changes to your class schedule, contact your academic advisor. You will be able to make changes to your schedule on your own during the first week of the semester. 

Will choosing a later SLU 101 date affect a student's ability to enroll in the courses they need? 

For summer 2021, academic advisors will work with new students to ensure that all students will be enrolled in classes needed for their degree program. We will continue to monitor course enrollments throughout the summer to ensure enrollment options for all students, regardless of the SLU 101 program they attend.

What can I do if I am unable to register for a class that I want?

If you are not able to enroll in a class, your academic advisor can tell you what options are available.

Do I have to take the skills assessment and placement exams?

A foreign language skills assessment is mandatory for all students planning to continue in a language they have previously studied. If you have not taken a foreign language or want to take courses in a language you have not previously studied, you do not need to take the skills assessment.  Students will be required to complete the Math and English Placement Tests.  You can learn more about the placement exams here.  We recommend that students complete the Math and English Placement Tests at least two weeks out from their SLU 101 session.   

Who can I talk to about arranging academic accommodations (extended time testing, note-takers, books on tape, medical disability support, etc.)?

If you used an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 plan or other accommodation plan in high school, or if you have a documented condition that may require academic or housing accommodations, please contact the Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources (CADR) in the Student Success Center at 314-977-3484 or

The higher education accommodation process differs from the high school accommodation process, so please make sure to contact the office as soon as possible to understand the procedures. We encourage you to make an appointment to speak directly with CADR during the summer once your course schedule has been completed.