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Professional Development

SLU doesn’t just prepare its graduates for fruitful careers. From connecting you to interview experts to helping you network, your alma mater is here to help you start, change or advance your professional path.

Professional Development Resources

Did you know that as a SLU grad, you have professional development benefits for life? Whether you need career counseling, help writing your résumé or want to polish your interviewing skills, the Office of Alumni Engagement will connect you to campus resources that help you advance professionally. To get started, contact Amanda Hente at or 314-977-2564. 

Professional Development Webinars

This free professional development webinar series will provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Networking and Branding

Being able to effectively communicate your personal brand is the first step in networking. This webinar discusses how to build and maintain your network and personal brand. Topics include the importance of networking, how to represent your best and professional self, professionalism in interactions, and follow-up etiquette.

Speaker: Jordan Watson, SLU Career Development Specialist

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Résumé and Cover Letters

Do you want to learn how to make your documents stand out to an employer? On average, an employer initially scans a résumé for just 20 to 30 seconds. Here, we discuss effective tips and suggestions for how to make your résumé effective for the job search.

Speaker: Diane Devine, SLU Career Development Specialist (A&S '00)

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Ethical Leadership

Learn how you can bring SLU's mission and Jesuit tradition into your career, translating these values into action.

Speaker: Beth-Anne Yakubu, Executive Director Emerson Leadership Institute at Saint Louis University (CSB '09)

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Career Exploration: Retransitioning

It's not unusual to ask “Am I too late?" or "Where do I want to go next?" when exploring a first, second, third or even fourth career. This webinar is designed to give you successful strategies for effectively exploring your career interests and transition into your next opportunity. You will learn about yourself, the world of work, goal-setting and how to effectively research your career interests.

Speaker: Jordan Watson, SLU Career Development Specialist

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Interviewing 101

Need help selling yourself in an interview? This webinar will discuss one of the final steps in the job search process: interviewing. Topics will include what to expect before, during, and after an interview; how to prepare, practice and perform; types of interviews and questions; professional attire; and follow-up etiquette.

Speaker: Jordan Watson, SLU Career Development Specialist

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The Importance of "Being" Professionally and Personally

Professionally and personally we are all being pushed to do more, achieve more and be more ‘successful.’ We know this way of engaging in the world takes a significant toll mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this seminar we discuss a method of stepping back and how it is critical in all areas of our lives, including leadership/the workplace. We explore underlying motivations that drive us to be busy, begin to assess our overall well-being, discuss simple tools to help us take a step back in order to step forward, and develop a Blueprint to help orient us to next steps we can take (professionally and personally), beyond this seminar. 

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Developing and Leading High Performance Teams

The key to organizational success is dependent upon harnessing the power of teams. This webinar will help you to develop the skills and tools needed to maximize the potential of diverse teams in order to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Speaker: William M. Klepper, Ph.D. (A&S '66, Grad Ed. '67, Grad '75)

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Coming Soon: Using Social Media In Your Job Search

July 11, 2018 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. CST

This webinar will discuss the social media platforms that are most commonly used by recruiters as well as how job seekers should utilize each platform to positively market themselves and search for job opportunities. Job seekers should walk away with knowing the proper social media etiquette that is required to have a successful job search.

Speaker: Jordan Watson, SLU Career Development Specialist


If you’d like career guidance from fellow Billikens who’ve been there – or are interested in giving the next generation of up-and-comers the advice you wish you had – check out SLUvisors, our alumni adviser program.

Corporate Connections

SLU can come to you: Network with the fellow Billikens among your colleagues and University faculty and staff by hosting a Corporate Connections event. The Office of Alumni Engagement will assist with hosting a convenient reception at your company. For more information, contact Amanda Hente at or 314-977-2564.