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SLU 10-Year Reunion

Class of 2008: Welcome to your class reunion information hub!  

class of 2008 at Chaifetz

Thanks for joining us on campus during Homecoming and Family Weekend! We hope you enjoyed catching up with your classmates at the reunion. Be sure to check out the photos from the event!

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Class of 2008 By the Numbers

08 by the numbersCheck out which schools and colleges your classmates graduated from.

Alumni Spotlights

Lyndsey (Hohman) Adams

AdamsChaifetz School of Business, '08
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Centene Corp.
Current City: Chesterfield, Mo.

How did your experience at Saint Louis University prepare you for your career and life after SLU?

Saint Louis University truly shaped me into the person that I am today. It strengthened my integrity, taught me perseverance and led me to friendships that will last a lifetime. It provided a core foundation both educationally and morally that helped me grow my career, grow my relationships and grow myself.

What is your favorite SLU memory?

This is an extremely hard question! Whenever I'm with my SLU friends, we spend half the time together reminiscing about our college days. Oddly enough, my favorite SLU memory occurred before day 1 of freshman year: SLU 101. I had an absolute blast meeting my future classmates and getting to know the campus and current students. It represented what I was about to head into and was an affirmation that I made the perfect decision to attend Saint Louis University. To this day, I'm still great friends with people I first met at SLU 101!

What are you most looking forward to about reunion?

I can't wait to reconnect with familiar faces while seeing the changes that the campus has gone through!

Matt Dougherty

DaughtertyParks, ’08
Hometown: O'Fallon, Ill.
Current City: Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota

How did your experience at Saint Louis University prepare you for your career and life after SLU?

In the words of Dr. Ravindra, "We want to make you sweat." Notice he didn't say, "We want you to quit." My time studying at SLU provided the greatest academic challenge I had ever experienced, and yet it gave me the opportunity to really test my mettle academically while learning to balance the myriad other commitments that didn't involve my academic studies (AF ROTC, TechInterns with ITS, volunteering at Jesuit Hall, intramural softball, etc). Life has not slowed down, and it has not afforded me an opportunity to rest on my proverbial laurels. SLU served as a springboard into life that has proved to be more than a "feel good" metaphor for how things have gone. It literally launched me into the air, gave me opportunities that I wouldn't have had at the Air Force Academy, and equipped me with the dauntless courage to press on when it counts the most. As my dad would say, "Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Winners are made in practice."

What is your favorite SLU memory?

I find myself recollecting on three great memories: 1.) Engineering Chemistry 1, Spring 2004 with Dr. Kirkpatrick. The power went out in Kelley Auditorium (underground) in the middle of our final exam (total darkness). His words said it best, "This is now unfair for all sorts of reasons. You can continue your test and try to improve your score, or you can hand it in now and have a nice summer." I handed mine in and survived with a B+. 2.) My last final of college with Dr. Patricia Benoy, Heat Transfer II. "I forgot to bring your graded projects today, but everyone got 100% ... oh, and for those of you that were here for our last class, you may find the final to be shockingly familiar to the practice test we went over. Congratulations." 3.) One spring day of 2008, I had the privilege of wheeling Fr. Faherty after his regular lunch in Jesuit Hall down to the BSC to look at the dolphin fountains nearby. He had always talked about how much he enjoyed the view there (almost as much as he enjoyed talking about Billiken basketball), and it was an incredible memory for us both. Not only was he an author, NASA historian, Billiken basketball fanatic and a radio show host, he was a great lunch buddy and a friend to get outside with. He has since passed away, but that was a prized memory for a time when the chaos of impending graduation diminished in view of what is really a great struggle: the urgent vs. important. Many things are urgent, but not all things that are urgent are important.

What are you most looking forward to about reunion?

Seeing familiar faces of seemingly distant memories and toasting to those who will not be there. Namely, Ben Sullivan, Keavy Nenninger, Patrick Wallace, and Frs. Lisson and Faherty. You are gone, but you are not forgotten!

James Chalmers

James ChalmersChaifetz School of Business, ’08
Hometown: Kansas City, Mo.
Current City: Webster Groves, Mo.


SLU was a perfect mix of academic and social. It had fun events and activities on campus while maintaining an education first mindset. This experience allowed me to obtain a great education and behaviorally grow into a working professional. Many of the skills you need in the workforce are developed and honed during school. SLU provided this amazing culture that has allowed me to give back to the Saint Louis community.


Storming the dorms!


Catching up with SLU alumni.

We would love to hear about your SLU experience and career! Share your story with fellow classmates by completing our Alumni Spotlight form.


You can find your classmates all over the world. The Class of 2008 has representatives living in 16 countries, including Columbia, France, Nigeria, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.

Your class can be found in 45 states across the U.S., as well as Washington, D.C. The top five states in the U.S. to find a 2008 Billiken include:

2008 map1.) Missouri, 2.) Illinois, 3.) Texas, 4.) California, 5.) Ohio

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A gift in honor of your reunion supports need-based scholarships, faculty recruitment, academic innovations, and unparalleled experiences. For your 10-year reunion, we hope to have at least 75 donor participants to raise at least $20,000. 

As of November 26, the Class of 2008's totals are:

2008 November givingCongratulations! The Class of 2008 has met its class donor challenge. Help your class reach its dollar goal, too. All gifts made between January 1 and December 31, 2018 to any area of the University will count in your class total. Please remember, every gift – no matter the size – is meaningful to SLU.

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