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Our Expert Faculty

In our quest to educate and form women and men for others, Saint Louis University’s College of Arts and Sciences has gathered together a world-class faculty of teacher-scholars who are dedicated to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education.

Each is devoted to outstanding teaching, cutting edge research and scholarship, inspired artistic expression and faithful service to the campus and the community.

Embracing the great and wondrous diversity that makes up the human race and the unique gifts and talents of every individual, this collection of curious seekers and learners works together to unpack the mysteries and answer the endless array of questions posed by the physical, social and spiritual worlds we each inhabit.

We do this with an eye always toward justice, peace, beauty, and common good of the whole human family and created world we share.

You can find more information on our individual faculty members in the pages devoted to their disciplines. 

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Faculty and Staff Recognition  

Each year, our expert faculty are honored in the college's annual excellence awards.

2021 Faculty and Staff Excellence Award Winners

An Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring Award is given to one full-time faculty member from the College, while the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award is given to one full-time professor from each of the College’s divisions (humanities, sciences, social sciences).

Awards are also given for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, Excellence in Graduate Mentoring Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Award.

Nominations for the awards can be made by fellow faculty, students or staff. Faculty, staff and students are also encouraged to submit nominations for the Arts and Sciences Staff Excellence Award. 

The nomination window is closed. The deadline for nominations was Monday, December 14, 2020.

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  • Adjunct Teaching
  • Graduate Mentoring
  • Graduate Teaching
  • Service Award
  • Undergraduate Mentoring
  • Undergraduate Teaching