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Celebrating Our 2020 Graduates

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the scholastic and creative achievements of our outstanding graduates.

A Message from The College of Arts and Sciences Deans' Office

Dear College of Arts and Sciences' Class of 2020, 

We cannot believe that it’s already May. In a normal year, under normal circumstances, we would all be prepping for graduation ceremonies. Caps and gowns dusted off, invitations sent out, travel plans made by family and friends to see you walk across that stage. Regrettably, life has thrown us all an immense curveball and your final semester here at SLU has taken a wild detour. We will all be celebrating your graduation together but distantly, and under quarantine, in our own homes.

Despite these strange times, there is one thing that remains constant: You are a Billiken and we are so immensely proud of you. It takes real fortitude, perseverance, and courage to embark on this long, multi-year quest through academia to obtain that degree. Both you and your loved ones have made untold sacrifices so that you could reach the end of this long journey. We at the College of Arts and Sciences fondly remember our own graduation ceremonies and we fully appreciate the loss that you must feel at having your own well-earned moment in the sun taken from you.

As President Pestello said recently, "Though we may not be together physically; the light of Saint Louis University continues to burn bright in each one of you– no matter where you are on this planet."


The College of Arts and Sciences Deans' Office