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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, B.A. to M.S. Accelerated Program

Students at Saint Louis University can complete an undergraduate degree in biology, biochemistry, computer science or mathematics with a Master of Science in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in a compressed timeframe.

Program Highlights

Significant advantages to this accelerated program include:

  • No need to take the GRE, as students will apply to the accelerated program in the spring of their junior year
  • Double-counting up to 15 credits of coursework simultaneously toward undergraduate and graduate degree requirements
  • Beginning some of the graduate coursework during the final undergraduate year

For additional information see the catalog entries for the following programs:

Biochemistry, B.A.

Biochemistry, B.S.

Biology, B.A.

Biology, B.S.

Computer Science, B.A.

Computer Science, B.S.

Mathematics, B.A.

Mathematics, B.S.

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, M.S.

By counting up to 15 credits for both degrees, students can earn the requisite 30 credits in only 12 to 14 months after receiving their bachelor's degree.

For more information about SLU's Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, B.A. to M.S. Accelerated Program, contact the Program Director Maureen Donlin at