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Students majoring in chemistry at Saint Louis University pursue an education that goes beyond textbooks.

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As a student in the Department of Chemistry, you’ll be mentored by expert faculty who will guide you toward research opportunities aligned with your intellectual aspirations. Our facilities and equipment will transform your education through hands-on understanding of the concepts learned in the classroom. By graduation, you will be ready to enter the workforce or pursue graduate studies.

One of the highlights of the chemistry program is the small size of the classes. A separate section of general chemistry is offered only for freshmen majoring in chemistry or biochemistry. This special course usually has around 40-50 students. Upper-level courses for students in the B.S. program typically have under 14 students. A special organic chemistry course is available to only students majoring in chemistry and usually has under 35 students.

Continuation Standards

In order to continue as a student in the Department of Chemistry, you must meet the following continuation standards:

  • Earn C- or better in General Chemistry I (CHEM 1110/1130) and a C- or better in General Chemistry II (CHEM 1120, 1140), or the equivalent in transfer.
  • Earn a C- or better in Analytical Chemistry 1 (CHEM 2200).

If you do not earn a C- in these courses, you must retake the course at SLU the following semester. If you do not earn a C- on the second attempt, you will be dismissed from the major. If you withdraw from one of these courses on the first attempt, you have one more attempt to earn a C-.

You must maintain a 2.0 GPA in major-related courses (BIOL, PHYS, MATH, etc.) If you fall below a 2.0 major GPA, you must meet with the undergraduate program director. If you cannot raise your major GPA to 2.0 in two semesters, you will be dismissed from the major.