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Undergraduate and graduate chemistry students at Saint Louis University have access to advisers, handbooks and chemistry resources to help ensure their academic success.


The Department of Chemistry at Saint Louis University is housed in two different buildings: Monsanto Hall (where the main office is located) and Shannon Hall (mainly on the second floor, with some space also in the basement). All teaching labs can be found in Monsanto Hall. Research labs and faculty offices are in both buildings. 

Visit our facilities page to get specific information about our departmental facilities, including available instrumentation and our 700 MHz NMR facility.

Learn More About Our Facilities

Undergraduate Resources

Visit our undergraduate resources page to find information about undergraduate advising and mentoring, assistantship opportunities and our undergraduate student awards. There is also detailed safety information that you will find useful for laboratory situations, including a guide to basic lab safety, our undergraduate research lab policy and an incident report form.

Visit the Undergraduate Resources Page

Graduate Resources

Our graduate resources page offers useful information for both future and current graduate students. It contains information about graduate assistantships for our masters and Ph.D. programs, including stipend details.

Current students will find detailed program handbooks (for both masters and Ph.D. programs), program worksheets that can be used each semester to track progress and other useful program forms, and information about our many graduate awards. 

The page also offers detailed safety information that you will find useful for laboratory situations (including basic lab safety, research lab policy, and incident report form).

Visit the Graduate Resources Page