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Mary Gould, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Communication

Courses Taught

Human Communication and Culture; Public Speaking: Issues in Culture; Message Design; Media Lab; Intercultural Communication; Digital Storytelling (undergraduate and graduate); Graduate Studies of Communication


Ph.D., University of Utah
M.A., University of South Florida

Research Interests

  • Transgression and discipline in contemporary US culture
  • U.S. prison system
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Urban studies

Publications and Media Placements

Makagon, D. and M.R. Gould. (2016). “Learning the City through Stories: Audio Documentary as Urban Pedagogy” In: International Journal of Communication. Georgia Aiello and Simone Tosoni, Eds (Special Series Title: Going About the City: Methods and Methodologies for Urban Communication Research), 10. Pp. 1263-1276.

Gould, M.R. and SpearIt (2014). “20 Years After the Education Apocalypse: The Ongoing Fall Out from the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill”. In: The 2013 Conference on Prison Higher Education (Eds. Mary Rachel Gould and SpearIt). Saint Louis University Public Law Review, XXXIII. Pp. 283-300.

Gould, M.R. (2014). “Sonic City: Digital Storytelling and the Study of Popular Culture”. Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy 1 & 2. Pp. 85-109.

Gould, M.R., and R.E. Silverman. (2013). “Stumbling Through History: Voice, Memory and the Urban Landscape.” GeoJournal, 78, (5),. 791-801

Professional Organizations and Associations

  • Board Member, Alliance for Higher Education in Prison
  • Member, National Communication Association

Community Work and Service

  • Volunteer in Corrections, Missouri Department of Corrections
  • Volunteer, Federal Bureau of Prisons