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Film Studies Courses

For the most current information on Saint Louis University course offerings, view the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Catalog.

FSTD 1040: Approaching the Arts: Art and Film (3)

This course will focus on the relationship between film and modern art. Motion picture making is a distinctly modern art form and shares characteristics found in modern art. Through art and film, we will examine impressionism, symbolism, expressionism, cubism, futurism, Dadaism, abstract art, pop art and performance art.

FSTD 1400: Film Criticism (3)

Viewing and discussion of some short and several feature films; text reading and exams; written reviews and responses to film discussion; refining of film as an art.

FSTD 2060: Media and Society (3)

This introductory course provides students with the background and critical skills necessary for understanding how media work and how they impact our everyday lives. It seeks to give students critical media analytical skills necessary to succeed as professionals, citizens and members of a community.

FSTD 2700: Introduction to Film (3)

Introduces students to theoretical and methodological approaches to film, including major terms, methods and concepts. Prerequisite: English 190 or equivalent.

FSTD 3120: Media Scriptwriting (3)

This course explores the art and crafts of media storytelling. Juggling the 'audio' (music, sound, silence, words), 'visual' (design) and 'scriptwriting' (art of the drama) crafts, students work all semester to construct a final project: a written, produced, directed episode for an original television series. Prerequisite(s): CMM 2100 or CMM 2120

FSTD 3180: Film (3)

A study of selected films to show the diversity of films from the beginning to the present.

FSTD 3780: Lit and Film of WWII (3)

Examines the rhetoric of American representation of its experience of World War II, and how the war shaped the American experience. Offered frequently.

FSTD 3790: War in Literature (3)

Examines how literature and film have represented war. Students will read literary, historical and journalistic texts, and will view films. Offered occasionally.

FSTD 3820: The City and Literature (3)

Examines representations of the city in literature and film including how Americans use the city as fundamental cultural space. Offered regularly.

FSTD 3840: Analysis of Popular Culture (3)

Discusses methodologies used to study popular symbols, rituals and artifacts in everyday culture, such as those in television, radio, film, print, and sport, and the social practices by which such artifacts are produced and consumed. The readings draw on the theoretical literature in rhetorical criticism, critical studies and cultural studies.

FSTD 4150: Berlin (3)

Excursions into the cultural development of Berlin from its very beginnings in the 13th century up to the present day. Focus on the period after 1871. Berlin as a microcosm for the cultural, socio-historical and ideological development of Germany as a whole. Taught in German.

FSTD 4170: American Film History (0-3)

Explores the issues and development that characterized the development of film and film traditions in America from the beginning to the present.

FSTD 4180: Film Theory (3)

Explores theories and movements of/about film, with special attention to twentieth-century film theory. Offered occasionally.

FSTD 4200: African American Cinema (3)

Traces the history of African-Americans in the motion picture industry. Topics cover black-face minstrel stereotypes, wages, social and political opposition, organizing for representation, Blaxploitation, interracial casting and subject matter, and documentaries. A comparative study of Hollywood versus the Independent Filmmaker looks at Race Movies and the first African-American film companies.

FSTD 4430: Culture, Technology and Communication (3)

Analyzes the interrelation of culture, technology, and communication in contemporary societies. Topics covered include the historical evolution of communication technology, the reorganization of social and psychic time and space, and recent debates about virtual reality.

FSTD 4610: French Cinema (3)

A history of French Cinema by movements and authors. Mclias, Bunuel, Vigo, Gance, Renoir, Clouzot, Cocteau, Tati, Truffaut, Godard, Rohmer, Kurys, Berri, Chatiliez, Tavernier. Taught in French.

FSTD 4620: Advanced Acting: Special Topics (3)

This course is structured around various topics which introduce advanced level students to particular performance techniques. Topics might include auditioning, acting for the camera, voice acting, creative dramatics, stage combat, etc.

FSTD 4910: Film Studies Internship (3)

This course may be used as a substitute for the FSTD 4850 Capstone upon approval of the film studies director.