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Integrated and Applied Sciences Program

Many of today’s most important scientific questions require partnership across traditional scientific disciplines. Saint Louis University’s doctoral program in integrated and applied sciences addresses that need and graduates Ph.D.s who are skilled in the art of collaboration.

Unlike many large research institutions, where post-doctoral associates run day-to-day operations and graduate students have minimal interaction with their mentors, our students have the unique opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary program that is large enough to provide broad exposure to collaborative scientific projects but also allows one-on-one interaction with faculty mentors.

Explore SLU’s Integrated and Applied Sciences Ph.D.

Why Get a Degree in Integrated and Applied Sciences?

This doctoral program trains scientists for careers in academia as well as chemical, biological, environmental and sustainability science industries and prepares them to collaborate with other professionals. Scientific training takes place in an interdisciplinary environment with faculty from science departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. You’ll also gain the skills needed to present the results of highly technical research to non-scientists. At SLU, we believe the communication skills of scientists help engage and educate the public on scientific topics of national importance.

An Interdisciplinary Science Program

Faculty members from academic units across Saint Louis University are primary mentors in the integrated and applied sciences program. Our students also find secondary mentors from these or other disciplines at SLU or beyond.


  • Bioinformatics
  • Integrated geospatial biology


  • Analysis and physical characterization
  • Synthesis and materials

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • Environmental sciences and GIS


  • Nanomaterials and condensed matter

Saint Louis University’s departments of chemistry, biology, and earth and atmospheric sciences also offer traditional single-mentor Ph.D. programs. You may be guided to the integrated and applied sciences program when carrying out more collaborative, interdisciplinary research that requires additional mentorship from outside those traditional disciplines.

Student Resources

Integrated and Applied Sciences Handbook