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Center for Intercultural Studies

The Center for Intercultural Studies at Saint Louis University is dedicated to comprehensive, systemic and interdisciplinary research on intercultural relations.



Since its founding in 2011, the center has published several volumes of studies on interculturality, created a worldwide network of collaborating scholars in the field, hosted visiting scholars, and sponsored global conferences.

What is Interculturality?

Interculturality occurs in the space between two or more distinct cultural groups that encounter each other. It is an area where meaning is translated and difference is negotiated. Intercultural studies is a new and fast-growing academic discipline, much in demand across the world.

If an academic discipline were to be constructed around the Catholic and Jesuit educational principle of "preparing men and women to be for and with others," it would look very much like intercultural studies.

Why Intercultural Studies?

In an often divided and conflicted world, the need to promote a deeper and more effective understanding of the intercultural process is one of the most urgent challenges facing humanity. It has immense implications for policy, law, and global engagement, as well as academic scholarship in a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Exploring intercultural relationships such as difference, dialogue, coexistence, hybridity, pluralism, and cultural transfers enables us to open up new areas of knowledge, just as looking at ourselves through the eyes of a stranger allows us to become aware of how our own culture shapes the meaning of reality for us and awakens our capacity to deal with otherness.