Checklist: After Admission

Admitted to SLU? There's still plenty to do.

By SLU Staff Writers

You've researched your major, taken the campus tour, submitted your application and received that congratulatory phone call from your admission counselor. That's it, right? Done?

Not quite. There are a few more items to complete!  Review the steps below and complete the process of becoming a Billiken.

1. Confirm your enrollment

Time to let us know you're coming! Using information from your admit packet, log into the mySLU portal to pay your enrollment deposit. Visits to the campus bookstore for Billiken bumper stickers and SLU blue T-shirts are optional.

2. Apply for housing

You've got to have somewhere to live, right? Review SLU's first-year housing options, apply for housing via the mySLU portal.

You also can indicate your preferred residence halls or learning communities. Housing is assigned based on your application date, so make sure to get your paperwork in by May 1. If you're ready to start packing, check out our checklist of things to bring to college.

3. Register for summer orientation

Ready to meet some new friends? Register for SLU101, SLU's fun and helpful summer orientation program.  During SLU101, you'll meet your academic adviser, register for classes, get your ID and meet other incoming freshman. Check out a video of last year's SLU101 to get an idea of what's in store.

4. Read your admit packet

Hey, actual mail! After you were accepted, you received a packet that contained information with just about everything you need to get started, including important deadlines and dates. Find that. It also has your invitation to SLU's Facebook group for the Class of 2021, so you can start getting to know future classmates, and more about SLU, right away!

5. Review Financial Aid Options

If finances are a concern, your first step is to file the U.S. Department of Education's Free Application For Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA. It's best to submit your FAFSA forms by Feb. 1 for priority consideration. Check out our financial aid checklist for more advice.

6. Submit remaining documents

Time to gather up the rest of the paperwork! By Aug. 1, you must send the University several important documents, including your final high school transcript, an immunization record and personal health history and other forms.  Have questions? Ask your admission counselor. See you at SLU!

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