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How to Go Greek: Rushing Sororities and Fraternities

One of the best ways to make friends in college is to get involved in campus activities. One of the first questions you'll hear: Are you going to rush? Joining a sorority or fraternity is a big decision, so here's our view.


How Do Sororities and Fraternities Work?

Fraternities and sororities are popular undergraduate student organizations on college campuses nationwide. They focus on brotherhood and sisterhood, service to the community, leadership and friendship. Sorority and fraternity life can help you feel welcome as a college freshman and quickly become part of your new campus community.

College fraternal organizations come in all types, from sororities and fraternities focused on service and academic achievement to those dedicated to a religious or ethnic background or a particular major.

Who Should Go Greek?

All fraternities and sororities give you a chance to develop leadership skills and can help you build connections. Many also work with a national philanthropic organization, opening the door to volunteer opportunities around the country that can make for an impressive resume.

What's the drawback? You might find Greek life isn't a comfortable fit, and that's OK. Fraternities and sororities can be a major time commitment, particularly for freshmen new to college life. You might prefer to prioritize your involvement in other on-campus activities.

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