Top 5 Majors at SLU

What undergraduate degrees are most popular?

By SLU Staff Writers

With nearly 14,000 students on campus, there's no such thing as a typical education at Saint Louis University. Take classes in French and entrepreneurship, or biology and theatre. Add on a certificate in urban social analysis or a minor in theology. With nearly 100 majors, minors and certificates to build an undergraduate experience on, you'll find something uniquely you.

Need a little inspiration? Check out SLU's five most popular majors, then take it from there!

5. Communication

The ability to communicate is crucial in almost any career. Students in this degree program gain valuable writing, speaking, research and design skills, but also develop an understanding of human interaction and the mass media. Choose from focus areas in journalism and media studies, leadership and communication, advertising and public relations, or communications and culture.

4. Psychology  

What can you gain by understanding the way people think? The strong liberal arts education provided through this degree leaves any number of careers open to you, with the added bonus of giving you a lifetime grasp of human behavior and data evaluation. Some students also use the degree as a foundation for future studies in psychology, medicine or law.

3. Physical Therapy

With a commitment of six years instead of four, SLU's PT program leaves you with a little something extra for your effort: a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Clinical practice at one of more than 280 area health care institutions allows students to focus on special interests, from athletic injuries to helping children with disabilities.

2. Biology

It's no wonder biology is such a popular major at SLU. With contacts at the Missouri Botanical Garden and the St. Louis Zoo, as well as two field stations for research, students really get into their field. Both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts are offered in biology, prepping undergraduates for jobs right out of school, or ongoing education in all kinds of medical fields.

1. Nursing

Nursing students are admitted as freshmen at Saint Louis University, which means you start taking courses relevant to your major during your first year at SLU. Students get clinical experience in pediatrics, public health, gerontology and other competitive fields at more than 50 hospitals, clinics and agencies around the St. Louis area.


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