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Billiken Profiles: Charlotte Giff

Saint Louis University freshman Charlotte Giff is pursing her passion for nature, inside and outside the classroom. 

SLU student Charlotte Giff


Year: Freshman
Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 
Learning Community: Leadership for Social Change
Clubs and Organizations: Wilderness Adventure Club, Running Club, Environmental Policy Pod, Ecology Club, Green Billikens, Gateway to the Great Outdoors

About Me

I’d consider myself to be an outgoing and bubbly person who is very giggly (almost to a fault.) I absolutely love the outdoors and nature, and I try to be outside whenever I can, whether it’s just taking a walk and hanging out with friends, or doing something sporty like running or rock-climbing. Aside from that, I absolutely love photography and anything artsy, so when I have the time that’s what I’ll be doing!

Why I Chose SLU

I chose Saint Louis University for a few reasons. SLU gave me incredible financial assistance which was exactly what I needed. Aside from the obvious financial factor, though, SLU had my specific major and focus and a variety of really awesome extracurricular and study abroad opportunities I really wanted to take advantage of.

SLU Insider Tip 

Get a planner! You will not be able to plan out everything you have to do without some good way to organize it. I learned that very quickly.

Must-Take Course

Nori Katagiri's Intro to International Relations. By far my favorite class and professor this semester, Professor Katagiri makes class engaging and exciting, and I didn’t even know I’d like international relations!

Hands-On Experience at SLU

Working in labs is super exciting for me, especially because I’ve had a lot of other lab experiences in high school and when interning. There’s always so much to learn, and the opportunity to actually experience the science and testing is always very exciting.

Serving the Greater Good  

I’m working with a service club on campus that reaches out to underprivileged local students and provides them with fun, outdoorsy, STEM-focused after-school programs to enhance their learning and broaden their worldviews.  

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