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Billiken Profiles: Kaiya Luneckas

When sophomore Kaiya Luneckas isn't on the field with Saint Louis University's Division I Billiken Softball team, she's connecting with other students, exploring SLU's beautiful campus and getting to know her professors.

Kaiya Luneckas

Kaiya Luneckas (photographed by Camron Morrissey, Class of 2022) 

Year: Sophomore
Major: Undecided
Hometown: West Branch, Iowa
Clubs and Organizations: Billiken Softball, Campus Kitchen, Get Her in the Game 

About Me

I live in West Branch, Iowa, and I have four sisters. I love all things art and being creative. A fun fact about me is that I was involved in five sports, three clubs and show choir in high school, so I know all about having a busy schedule and how to manage your time!

Easing Into College Life   

I have only been at SLU for a couple months, but some of my favorite academic experiences have been in labs and U101 class. Labs are a lot of fun because my teaching assistant always turns on music, and he once showed us pictures of his kitten! One time in my U101 class we were all super stressed out, so my professor decided to take us through a meditation course instead of doing what was on our class plan to help us de-stress. It is just yet another way that shows how much professors really care for all their students!

Life in St. Louis   

I love living in St. Louis because there is something new around each corner. You are always finding new cute places for meals or activities. One thing that is certain by going to SLU, there is always something to do!

How I Stay Connected to Other Billikens   

I stay connected to other Billikens by texts, calls, meals outdoors or outside activities. One of my friends’ and my favorite thing to do is get our meals from our favorite places on campus and go somewhere outside to eat and talk. There are so many ways to stay connected to other Billikens while staying socially distanced!

Favorite Thing About Campus

I love the beauty of SLU’s campus. There is never a day that goes by when I am not so grateful for the beauty and uniqueness of our campus. Something else I love about SLU’s campus is how much people are willing to help, whether you are struggling with a class or making new friends, there are always people willing to help you out. All you have to do is ask! 

Advice for Your College Search 

My advice for high school students on choosing a college during the pandemic is to go on lots of virtual tours and try to get in contact with current students. This helps to give you the best idea of what campus is like from an inside point of view!

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