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Billiken Profiles: Jiji Oufattole

What does the Saint Louis University experience include for neuroscience student Jiji Oufattole? Everything from leading-edge research to Bollywood-style dance and social justice advocacy. 

jiji oufattole

Jiji in a community lounge space in Spring Hall, one of SLU's newest residence halls

Hometown: Wildwood, Missouri 
Studies: Neuroscience, Global and Local Social Justice, Public Health

Experience Outside the Classroom

Jiji is involved in: Pre-Health Professionals Club, Breaking Shackles Anti-Trafficking Organization, Shakti Bollywood-Fusion Dance Group, Resident Adviser Program, Research at Doisy Research Center

At Home in the Lab  

“I have been part of Dr. Enrico Di Cera’s biochemistry lab since the summer after my high school graduation. I originally worked with X-ray crystallography; recently, I’ve been working with a mutant of thrombin — creating, purifying and running kinetics experiments with it.”

Neuroscience Offers a Little of Everything 

“I really like the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience, which draws on biology, psychology, cognitive science, anatomy and many other areas of study.”


Raising Awareness   

“As a member of Breaking Shackles, I reached out to a local theater company that focuses on societal issues that the public should learn about and have an opportunity to discuss. They agreed to write a play about sex trafficking and perform it at SLU. The best part of this experience was at the end of the play, when I was able to watch an auditorium full of people talk about an issue that many didn’t even realize existed before attending the event.”

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