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Billiken Profiles: Meredith Walker

For Saint Louis University junior Meredith Walker, being a Billiken means seeking out opportunities for growth and connection.  

meredith walker

Meredith inside St. Francis Xavier College Church, located on SLU's campus

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Studies: Biomedical Engineering, International Business

Experience Outside the Classroom

Meredith is involved in: Honors Program, Society of Women Engineers, Morale Team for Dance Marathon, Students for Life, Sorores en Christo, SLU 101 and University 101, Oriflamme, Study Abroad.

Room to Grow

"If you are looking for spiritual growth at SLU, there are innumerable opportunities. Campus ministry presence — for those Catholic or not — is widespread. Students and faculty show true interest in your holistic development; they want you to be satisfied and challenged not only academically, but also spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically.”  

Research from Day One 

“During the first two semesters of the biomedical engineering program, we had the ability to meet each faculty member and be introduced to their research. Many students work in SLU’s research facilities as early as freshman year. In each of my biomedical engineering classes, there has always been a hands-on aspect of the class, where we integrate the theories and topics into lab experiments or class projects.”

Honors Learning Community

“Joining the Honors Learning Community was the best decision I made freshman year. I made some of my best friends through the learning community in the first few weeks of school. Honors faculty create this surreal, goofy, fun, fulfilling environment where being a nerd is awesome, attending random events is encouraged and ordering Insomnia cookies at 2 a.m. is highly recommended.”

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