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Billiken Profiles: Tanner Manley

Saint Louis University senior Tanner Manley loves connecting with other Billikens and working on his Spanish language skills — at home and abroad at SLU-Madrid

SLU student Tanner Manley

 Tanner Manley (photographed by Camron Morrissey, SLU class of 2022)

Year: Senior

Major: Business (undecided) 

Minor: Spanish

Hometown:  Grayslake, Illinois

Clubs and Organizations: Beta Theta Pi, Oriflamme, Active Minds, Green Billikens  

About Me

I am very outgoing and love to try new things. Family and friends are very important to me. 

Study Abroad at SLU-Madrid

I have really enjoyed taking Spanish at SLU. Watching my Spanish develop and understanding the language more has been a great experience. I especially appreciated this while taking Spanish abroad at SLU-Madrid, and getting to use everything I learned directly in everyday life.

What I Love Abut St. Louis 

I love being in the city because there is always something to do! I love all the restaurants the city has to offer for a night out from the hill to the Delmar Loop, or just spending the day at Forest Park with my friends.

How I Stay Connected to Other Billikens

I try to stay active in my activities and stay involved on campus. It’s nice to go on campus and just sit on West Pine to see all the friendly faces you may have not seen in a while! 

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