The Value of SLU

Invest in Yourself

By SLU Staff Writers

You hear a lot about investing in yourself during the college search. That's because higher education is one of the biggest purchases you or your parents will ever make; you need to know you'll get more out of it than four years of frat parties and football games. At Saint Louis University, you leave college well-rounded and ready to work in emerging fields. But there's another reason. A SLU degree is a good value. Here's why:

1. College is more valuable than gold.

If someone handed you a check for $100,000 to invest however you wanted - buying a house, playing the stock market, buying bonds - guess what would be, by far, the best bet? A four-year college education, according to the Brookings Institution. And like any good investment, the money you put into college continues to grow over time. The same research found that over a lifetime, college graduates will, on average, make half a million dollars more than people without a degree.

Add to that valuable life experience, in both the classroom and in the community, and you get a pretty good idea why more than 95 percent of 2010 graduates from SLU are happy with what they're doing now. 

2. Not all universities are the same.

Of course, a college diploma isn't all you need to succeed in life. The good news is that at Saint Louis University you get more than a degree. SLU is a top Jesuit university, which means that seeking the truth, learning to lead and gaining the tools to change the world are taught in every class.

SLU has more than 90 undergraduate majors but no matter what classes you take, you learn about more than the skills you'll need to get a job. "What SLU is trying to do is make you a well-rounded individual and knowledgeable about the world around you," says Saint Louis University senior Rodney. "I really appreciate that I have to take history and theology and philosophy because it helps me understand who I am. 

3. College can be affordable.

If the college search is giving you sticker shock, consider this: In 2011, 97 percent of first-time freshmen at SLU received financial aid - including more than $120 million in grants and scholarships last year. At SLU, you can get scholarships for academic merit, financial need, and your talents - even having attended a Jesuit high school. The Fiske Guide to Colleges and Barron's have both named SLU one of the best buys in higher education.

Ellie, a Saint Louis University sophomore, got a SLU grant and the Deans Scholarship. She remembers her counselor, Stephen Barnes, telling her, "As much as you want to go here, we want you here."  

"They work with you as much as humanly possible to make sure you can," she says. "SLU is definitely where I'm meant to be."

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