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College Matters: Where You Go to School Makes a Difference

Does where you go to college really matter? Although career paths vary, the school you choose for your undergraduate degree says a lot about you. The right university also gets you ready for life after college, both academically and personally.

Why SLU Is Different

"I feel like SLU is preparing me well," said Rachel, a Spanish major at Saint Louis University. "I've become so much more confident in myself, in my faith and in what kind of person I want to be after I leave here."

A school's faculty is key. Professors who are experts in their field give you an inside glimpse at the career that will come out of your major.

"Looking at my professors, I know that they've had the experiences that I want in my future, so them giving their advice and perspectives on everything really gets me excited about my future career," said Jacqui, a communications sciences and disorders major.

College Connections

Your college choice also creates opportunities and opens doors. It gives you a lifetime of connections to prestigious faculty, a network of alumni and companies who recruit there.

"You could have anybody from any university with the same resume," said Claire, a communication major at SLU. "But it's going to carry more weight that they came from SLU because of the type of person they are."