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Fall Welcome at SLU: Your First Days at Saint Louis University

Welcome to SLU

Packed with activities, Saint Louis University’s Fall Welcome is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. It's also a great chance to have fun and relax before you get into the classroom.

"Fall Welcome is the best week of your life, there's just no way around it," said Nebu, a public health major from Arlington Heights, Illinois. "It's all the fun of being a college student, without actually having to go to class."

Moving into Your Residence Hall

The first thing most students will do after arriving on campus with their families is unload the car and start unpacking into their new room. An impossible-to-miss SLU student group called Oriflamme actually does most of the heavy lifting for you and your family, leaving you free to pick up your room keys, meet your roommates and start settling in.

Families park their cars in the designated lot and are almost immediately surrounded by enthusiastic upperclassmen in bright orange shirts.

"I think blinked once," recalled one student, "and all my stuff was in my room."

Move-in still tends to be hectic, but for most students, it is also a very rewarding experience. When it's finally time for families to say goodbye, it hits home with a thrill. One student described the feeling as, "Wow! This is actually college. This is real life."

Getting to Know SLU

One Fall Welcome favorite is a square dance held on the top floor of Olive Compton parking garage. Students get to let loose, dance and have fun while getting to know their new classmates.

"You come to Fall Welcome and it's impossible to not make friends," said Alex, from Alton, Illinois. "Everyone is in the same boat and excited to be on campus and see what it’s all about. A lot of the friends I made at Fall Welcome are still my friends today."

Alex said his favorite event from SLU's annual welcome schedule is the spirit competition at the Billiken men's soccer game. "They have a contest to see which floor can be the loudest and most spirited. So everyone has their bodies painted and is decked out in blue and going crazy."

"It's a great way to start showing your school spirit," said Becca, from Chicago, who sees the whole experience as a chance to learn about the people you will be living with for the next year.

After the soccer game, a live street fair and concert adjacent to the SLU campus is a chance for many students to feel really independent for the first time in their lives.

This week is just the first of many opportunities to learn about St. Louis and the University, so that you'll be better able to navigate the neighborhood after coming to SLU and have a better idea where the hot spots are around campus.